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    OMG no pain meds?? I also had csection.. I took two hydrocoden every four hours for two weeks.. I couldnt do it without them… Leah your supermom! lol


    lillmeh- i am guessing i am 10dpo



    OPK gives another light light line today :0) Just waiting for it to darken up in the next couple days :0P



    Congrats mommyof2, delighted for you! I dropped the ttc part of ur name because your now in the weeklies, woohoo h&h pregnancy wishes coming your way



    tahlia I am sorry you have to deal with such a B****ch, it definately doesn’t help with your relationship with df…….I hate it how girls can be like that



    Another thing, I’m showing no symptoms, but my linea nigra is much darker I just noticed! With my DD it was almost black! Oh I hope this is it, ladies!!!!



    I both want and don’t want twins, I love the idea, and wish is all the time, but then when I see my sisters with their babies I think ‘whoa boy, one is definitely enough’



    Lovemybugz2 how exciting! Congrats!



    Eeyore, for anyone without a definitive shift like yours of more than .2 degrees pre and post ovulation, it might help ‘draw the line’ and pinpoint ovulation. The second place on the BBT thermometer does not make a huge difference when there is a convincing shift. I switched to a thermometer with one decimal place because it gets the temp faster and remembers it in case I roll over and go back to sleep and forget the number – lol



    SuperheroMom- I read that a man sperm builds back up every twelve hours. I going to BD once in the morning and once in the evening around ovulation to cover all bases this month. Only on CD 11 and I’m so excited for Christmas because that’s O Day for me! Good Luck this month Ladies!!!



    Boojam, i had ewcm on at 9dpo, it was really weird…. Googled it, as you do and discovered that some women can get a 2nd surge before their af, but sometime you can still get a bfp. Its one of those things that you find when googling that means one thing on some websites and can mean another on another website…. go figure LOL Did you test today? how did you get on? Im 11 dpo, testing in 2 days….


    hmmm we shall see. My cervix is still really low and soft though lol, but I know I need to wait a week to see if it hardens up. If not just because of the excitement I WANT IT TO BE the end of Jan already!!! haha Because that is when we are officially trying!!!



    hi everyone, well def not pregnant, AF showed up today after being 10 days late. I go to the Doc tomorrow to find out my results on the thyroid and diabeties also hopefully find out why i was late this month.



    hows everyone feeling today



    thanks for the advice, i am not doing temps or opks, just that i noticed this month what my cm was doing lol, oh and yep we have been bding lol xx

Viewing 15 posts - 107,311 through 107,325 (of 131,346 total)

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