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    ill speak to you all later ladies – off out for dinner 🙂 mmmmm, am starving as well hehe! x



    Than you could be pregnant! That is a sign of pregnancy.



    Thanks Irisheyes, I showed my friend the test and both of her pregnancies had faint lines the exact same so I think i can finally say i have my BFP!!!! So excited!! xx



    well i hope everything works out for you hun


    That’s so awesome!!! We’re on vacation right now, lol! Here’s to stress free BDing!



    lol Dawn, I didnt see it ill be back



    Ladies im just not feeling well these past couple of dasys, im tired. getting migrains, and having an upset stomach. All i wan t to do is sleep and take hot showers. I hope this doesnt affect us in dancing. i don’t want to put it off. Im taking vitamins drinking OJ every mornign and trying to keep myself eating a small serving size with meals. (i can lose some weight) But ive just been feeling like crud! Im lagging on house work which is bothering me. ugh.



    ha-ha, sounds like a wonderful peacefull night. A lot of american women ‘lose’ their husbands this evening, our big super bowl game (football) is today.


    Babybump…wow huge congrats to you on your BFP…wishing you a healthy & happy nine months x


    I have not tested positive yet for the second chart. I will not be testing until end of next week. You have to start counting 1 DPO after the day you ovulate. I believe that I tested positive 7 days after i ovulated with my daughter.


    I got a bfp at 6 dpo-BUT-I ended carrying twins-i have a picture of the tests on my page from 6 dpo-11 dpo



    I think that’s our first BFP for February.


    BFP!!!!!! Got a good strong line this morning!!! Came up instantly! I used a first response early result. Woo hoo!



    hey tinks where are you now? I’m cranbourne


    Kargy~~ Yes it is right under my ovulation ticker. It is blue and kinda hard to see. I think you have to copy and paste it. I saw you said you got faint positives on Wondfo. I bought these same ovulation and pregnancy tests on ebay and this is my first month using them. If you don’t mind me asking how many dpo did they show a positive for you?

Viewing 15 posts - 107,491 through 107,505 (of 131,346 total)

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