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    Well im sure you will come round to the idea and be as excited ans before



    Di- with my last son (i got preg on my own right after stopping bfing) and my level was 11, they put me on prometrium for the first 12 weeks. So im just gonna stay optomistic =)



    Ugh id lose it lol its a preg test! U either r or arnt prego why the need for numerous stupid meaningless icons? Ah haha im obv more upset than u rite now lol



    iraquimom- I think you should go to the hospital if you are passing huge clots and if you are very heavy. I hope your okay *hug*



    Yes ladies…it is the faintest of lines, too faint to even post…but I’m going to dare say it…I think I’m flipping pregnant!



    heya Newmama! how you doin?


    I figure I will go for sure on Monday if nothing shows besides this light spotting, Thanks 🙂


    So ladies after reading a post on here about alcohol and hormone/implantation I thought I would not have a drink until AF turns up. See if that helps??? Probably not? I am cutting back the coffee too, one cup a day. Apparently Coffee halves fertility. God I will try anything at this stage.



    12 dpo I think



    brit- that is cute! =)



    april- I have been off the mini-pill for 15 mths now, since DD#2 was 3mths. AF really returned when she was 6/7 mths so we have been trying for 15 mths, but it was hard with BF and no AF. It just hasn’t happened for us yet. I have had 1 early m/c in Nov which stuffed my cycles around for a few months and nothing since then. It gets harder and harder each month as my cycles are getting worse and worse! They seem to be getting more normal since taking the vitex, but then I stopped, because they had none in stock. I know it gets harder as you get older and I’m starting to run out of time, especially when I may only O every 4 or so months. It really is like roulette as to when we may get lucky!



    Thanks rosieposie!!! I have been having really bad cramping today. I had it yesterday too but today is worse and I keep getting these stabbing pains in my right side. I also have endometriosis so my cramps are always terrible but hopefully I am ovulating or getting ready to. Has anyone ever felt nauseous when around the ovulation time?? I have felt icky all day



    Hi girls! I’m new on here, and am TTC baby number 2. My son is 6 months old now, feel very lucky to have him because I was told that I wouldn’t be able to have children without help, so don’t know if I’m pushing my luck wanting another! No idea if I will be able to get pregnant again, or how long it might take, so lets just wait and see. Good luck to you all! 🙂



    ladies i just took another OPK, well i used to in the same U…..neg…very faint lines again! it seems that the earlier i test the darker the line, i know this shouldnt be the case cos it builds up throughout the day, but there was hardly a line on 1 of them & a faint on the other, this mornings was an almost pos as well!! i dont know wots goin on with that!



    janet – i agree, if you are having lots of problems right now is probably not the best time to have another baby. lots of men dont cheat, but lots of them do. i dont know if you want to try and talk to you husband about it or not.

Viewing 15 posts - 107,566 through 107,580 (of 131,346 total)

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