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    I also ordered my 20 mega sensitive test strips. I got mine of ebay for 3.50Â. Not bad my thinks… I am hoping they will be there when I get home tonight. I am not even in my 2ww yet, but already hating the waiting lol crazy>>> keep us updated! I hope they do a blood test there and then. They migth aswell.



    no one is talking today?!?!



    I love the preseed it worked for our second child


    i bet you are excited cpalmer… kathy, he will be taking the entire month of may off cause he has a lot of leave dates to burn… so we will be BD like crazy t say the least… here is to my 2010 baby…



    sooo annoying-y cant i paste pics on my profile?



    hey ladies I have what seems to be a VERY good tip on TTC!!! Check out my latest blog!


    congrats irisheyes!!!



    Yes morena but im almost positive it was either an evap line or my head playin tricks lol also a coverline would be the highest temp of ur cycle before 7dpo, so u would want ur temps to be stayin above that temp…example. My coverline is 36.5 and my temp today was 36.6 so i am still just above my coverline.



    Good morning ladies! I need some advice/help!! I’m freaking out here! I’m 7-9 DPO (not sure exact O date) I was having cramps, sore bbs, headaches, and weird fluttery feelings in my tummy. Last night hubby and I BD and afterwards I had a light pink creamy discharge, and without a doubt started freaking out!!! Why could I have pink discharge? It’s not bright red blood, it’s a weird pale pink color…I don’t think it’s implantation because after I wiped a few times it stopped, I don’t have any today….any have this happen before or have any idea why this is happening?! Help!



    hey i have put in my new temp for today and my coverline has moved down,does it just keep moving up and down as the daily temps go in??



    goodmorning crazyf 🙂 how r u today?



    they are usually but at most when i had a really stressful month i will be a few days over but never this long



    Cassie… not quite there yet. Just waiting to o at the moment. Should be literally any min now. I expects my temps to start going up tomoz or the day after. Fingers crossed.



    lol – I just blogged this, but I’ll put it here as well 😉
    I am going to ask for a little help here! I have entered Sebastian in a contest with a top prize of a portrait painted of him (value of $1000!). It’s being put off by a local radio station. If you like, you can visit the site to see all the pictures of the local babies under age two – there are close to 400 entries! It’s at – Sebastian is baby # 24 🙂

    If you have a minute to vote, please email [email protected] – all you need to do it title the subject VOTING FOR BABY #24 – and copy that as your message.



    AF is due today and BFN.
    I don’t have any cramping or anything, but i’m sure she’ll show. 🙁

Viewing 15 posts - 107,581 through 107,595 (of 131,346 total)

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