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    Well AF arrived in force last night so thats me out again. Looks like Im stuck here for another cycle! Bought some opk’s but I have never used them before. Can I just ask, when I get the line saying I have the LHsurge that doesnt mean I have O’d and missed it, it means I will O in the next day or so. Am I right? We give up ttc in March as we are both getting on a bit so it needs to happen next cycle!!!


    Lol seeing his face and laughing would all be worth it though : p maybe u sould go with nunu’s idea



    I’m 10 DPO and caved in and took a test.. BFN of course, it was in the afternoon and i know its too soon, i just couldn’t resist. 🙁 Anyways, I’m having some serious AF type cramps, so I’m not so confident about this month right now. Headaches are really bad too.. bleh. Im going to test sunday, I’ll be 13 dpo, i’m sure the next 3 days will go by super slow!



    Thanks biziemom


    I`m also 7-8 DPO & wont be testing til sunday morning. Fingers crossed for some BFP’s this month



    toni – i am on 50mg of clomid this cycle, what day did you start yours? any side effects??



    jenn-just looked at your chart, since your opk was + yesterday keep having sex every day until your temp goes up. your temp is still low, you havent ovulated yet


    Sorry about that.. All the sudden i was reading posts and fell asleep.. Thats what got me about this cycle-being sickie everyday and after a couple of days I figured it cant be the far as the fathers day- if its positive tell him Happy Fathers Day from the states… NOW to try and catch up..



    The whole waiting game is the thing that sucks the most. Good luck to EVERYONE!



    going – At least if you’re in the states, anyway.


    yyaaaayyyy congrats to al the bfps, keep em coming i say!!! i jumped on quickly this morning just to see how you went SUNFLOWER!! congrats to you also ANGELA and BABY2INOVEN



    Thanks for the info I shall test the waters tomorrow.



    Thanks ladies for all your thoughts and kind words. @ hoping -> I would say the best FMU to use would be the one that has the longest time. So if you you went to bed at say 11 am and got up to pee at 3 am = 5hrs vs going back to bed and getting up 3 hrs later. You want the one that has the most concentration to it. Well that is what I would do. GL and hope you get your BFP.
    Too all the ladies who are testing soon GL and BFP’s for all. For all the other ladies who are either at the BD stage, waiting period, of just had a visit from AF I wish you all the best on getting the BFP when it is testing time. CD14 and still no indication of O. I see my fertiltiy Dr on Fri for an internal U/S to see if her can tell if I might O this cycle. Still feel out of the race today.


    I am 24 weeks and 2 days pregnant…I was on a medication called metformin for my PCOS cysts and fibroids and i got off my birth control in January and got pregnant in Jan….so it just depends on the body



    have any of you ladies heard of all tried any of theses

    dong quai
    red clover
    raspberry tea leaves

    i know vitex and dong quai u cant take while u have af but they are suppose to be good at regulation af im also going to start on royal jelly and bee pollen anyone tried anything ,,,,

    i have read into some of them i know i cant take

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