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    cd25 and second day of light spotting in the morning.. last 2 cycles were 24 days wiht no spotting…ive decided my body doesnt like me and likes to work in mysterious ways..



    11-13 dpo here, cant decide if i wanna POAS when i get home or not hummmmmmmmmm



    Congrats Sarahjane how many weeks did it show? I’m just curious as mine had me futher along than I actually was, I’ve since found out this can be quiet common.



    Amanda – me too! I love ice right now.


    Thanks everyone for the responses !! Sets my hopes alittle higher then I was letting them get .. I just find it odd that I never had any spotting with my 2 other pregnancies??



    I have been keeping ohmy3littlemonkeys in my thoughts and prayers too – I was just wondering this afternoon when her follow-up u/s was. I sure hope the wee one was just hiding during the first u/s!!


    Member couldn’t stand to see you down and out, so I poas rather than waiting until Friday…. 13dpo and BFN here on ic 10miU and OPK. Im out, Im sure. Will poas Friday to be sure if no AF, but not holding my breath. Guess we will be sticking around another cycle together:-)….turtlefur- Oooohhh, now I am really intrigued that you are questioning your status. GO TEST woman!!!!!Lol…and FX you get a BFP♥



    sorry to hear that owens, sophia is a special girl. u’re gona love her so much



    Boyoboy- yay! I was hoping I would have a testing buddy! I feel like everyone is so ahead of me! Lol it makes me anxious!



    this is from the link I posted below: Each batch of Nature Made fish oil is processed using state-of-the-art molecular distillation or absorbent technology to assure high levels of purity. All batches of Nature Made fish oil are guaranteed to pass the stringent standards of the CRN (Council for Responsible Nutrition) Omega-3 Monograph.



    Is it ok to take benedryl when ttc? My hands hurt and itch so much from my psorisis that I barley slept last night and I wanna sleep tonight but not at the cost of not catching the egg



    nun….I had irregular AF’s and the last 2 cycles before I got preggo I had wierd periods. They didn’t make sense and then all of a sudden I got a positive HPT. From what I read sometimes when your hormones change your periods can change aswell



    No softserve ice cream & deli meat due to listeria risk ( so they say…but I ate both of these)



    hold on jaime, you know you want to wait lol, i hope you get a bfp x



    CD 37 of 40 day cycle…Spotting on 9 and 10dpo, today am 11 dpo and BFN with FMU and feelings of AF looming….Positive OPK on CD 25 and we BD on CD 22, 24, 25. Feeling pretty low today. Had my fingers crossed to get a BFP before my endo laproscopy on Tuesday and have to avoid another surgery…no such luck. I hate that feeling of desperation when staring and the hpt making yourself crazy at trying to see something…anything.
    Good luck to all the ladies testing this weekend…fx for some bfp’s!!! I’ve been around here for almost a year now, not saying much but watching ladies come and go….I hope we all get our turn soon!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 107,671 through 107,685 (of 131,346 total)

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