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    do you have to use a basal or can you use a regular thermometer?.



    3would: that makes sense to me with long cycles that your O would be a bit later. FX that you get a strong swimmer to catch the egg! Brandy: I looked at the pic, but I’m unfamiliar with those tests and don’t really know what I’m supposed to be looking for. Are those internet cheapies? Not sure where the lines are for control and test.



    Oh man, I am in agony today. I have a hot water bottle tucked into my jeans on the right side (guess what side I am Oing from?!) CD 13, and all signs point to Oing in the next day or so. I feel like I might have a cyst or something brewing with this one, wow, it HURTS! I am surprised that I am Oing CD 14-15 after a chemical pregnancy, usually I would have a 45 day cycle with no ovulaiton at all. My hCG never got above 30 or so I would not think, and it left my system quickly. I credit Vitex for getting me back on track. Same result after my blighted ovum. Anyway, I am jumping ahead of myself, before O has happened. Don’t want to jinx anything!



    Well AF was supposed to show yesterday… No symptoms today other than extremely sore nips (not the whole boob, weird?). No definite BFPs yet, hoping I’ll still get it. There’s always hope until AF shoes right?! I thought I was 14 DPO today but ff has me at 9 DPO today. If ff is right, it’s too early to test which would make sense. Fx for everyone!



    ok so im pretty upset by this right now…a few days ago my husband got a albertsons gift card from his boss at work and it was great cause we needed milk and bread etc… and my husband was like well this can be your christmas present then i was like WTF we need grocerys for our family and your telling me that its my xmas present then today i went to get my nails done and i asked him if i could stop and get a coffee on the way from starbucks and he was like well if you want to get a coffee then that will be your xmas present from me…why is he doing this????? its really hurting my feelings him doing that crap to me….i bought him like 20 presents he actually has more presents then my son cause his gma buys him a bunch of presents so i didnt buy him much…and like he cant even get me one thing its like WTF is wrong with him its really bugging me that anything i buy or ask for hes like yeah but then thats all you get for xmas…he even did that when i went to get us some food the other day he said if i wanted a certain item off the menu then thats all i would be getting for xmas… any one elses dh doing this to them????? what is wrong with him????



    I’ve never heard of evening primrose oil to help with fertility, but I guess it’s possible. I took it to help induce labor (I was due Dec 22, and didn’t want to be in the hospital on Christmas), and I’m assuming it worked, because she was born at 37 weeks!! I think I O next week. My cycles have been a lil off, and its kinda worrying me they seem to be 28days-32 days…so I’m not sure when my O day will be this month…I’m assuming SOMETIME next week , maybe between the 24-28???..who knows!



    Hvc is common and can b treated i had pap tests and they were normal but i had abnormal bleeding so i had a colcoscapy and saw abnormal patches so they took a biopsy cos im under 25 they wont just do smears but everything came back fine and its just normal changes im waitin to c a gyanologist now to check top part where they cant c with a coloscapy


    Hey Chrissy!! This is our month I can feel it!!! If its not for me, I dont know if we will be able to try next month. I am in a wedding next march. Since I have to have a c section again, and had to go on bed rest the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy…so I want to make sure that my due date is not too close to the wedding before and after.



    Not supposed to find out if Im preggers till Jan. 4th. But I took a store brand test at 9dpo and there’s a line. I didnt believe it so this morning (10dpo) I took another and the line is still there. Could it really be??? I want to be so excited but am nervous it could be wrong.



    Cd1 is the first day of actual flow. My first day is usually light then cd 2 is really heavy. The day before cd1 I’ll have a little spotting and that’s my warning. Didn’t have that warning this time unless you count the spotting at 3am this morning.


    hope all u ladies are getting your BFPS! I am CD 6 now…Temps are slightly erratic.. still, think im gonna have a good cycle..I hope lol AF has gone now…will start using monitor in 3 days on DD bday. Then I hoppeee (since ive been taking vitex) that I will O arouund CD 18 That would be great… which would mean id have roughly… 35 CD.. we’ll see!! will start usin OPKS on CD 16 🙂



    Hi friends, im 2 dpo on 3rd month of trying…on ovulation day had insane ovulation pains low in uterus…to the point where i had to soak in nice hot bath…i had the pains for about 45 mins…we been having sex every other day on average…this morning at 2 dpo woke up starving…oh by way i have two kds already…almost 4 yr old and 18 mnth old


    SO……..AF was supposed to show up on Dec 30 and hasnt which makes her 5 days late. I took 4 HPT’s on Friday and Saturday, 2 of them showed faint lines but i guess they turned out to be evap lines because i went to the doctor on saturday and she doesnt think iam pregnant (even though she didnt test for it since lab wasnt open) BUT she did do a BETA strip and found out that i had the start of a bladder infection (UTI) which she said would most likely be from all of our BDing since your supposed to pee after sex……..but who wants to get up to pee if their laying on their back trying to keep everything IN!!! 🙂 So ya still no AF but im gurssing im already out for this month, will try again next cycle aslong as AF shows up which im hoping she does soon since i know im not pregnant.



    I know me to I an holding my breath!!



    Hi ladies, how soon after O are you all testing? Waiting the whole 14 days or sooner?? Thanks

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