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    HELP.. I just went to toilet, and when went to change noticed a clot like thing on it and noticed i also got some in the toilet.. :’-(.. I think I’m losing my baby.. I be only a week pregnant, but i don’t wnt to lose it.. so not fair.. was feeling nauceous this morning which i thought leas i still could be pregnant since i’m bleeding but NO, baby has to go with it.. I so devastated


    Vicki-feeling pretty good-a little crampy, more so when im lying down. I kept a diary of last cycle (THE FAILURE!) and cramping started at 7 dpt, this time its 4 dpt, so not sure what to think……trying NOT to think anything. The first week went quick, I think this week just might too with Christmas and all!……..thanks for asking, andddddddddd you……(sorry my question mark is busted)


    baileesmom – I BD’d 5 days before I OV’d this past month and AF just arrived….it’s different for everyone though. You can’t count it out until the dreaded pink lady arrives!



    julz ~ i am so sorry honey thanks for the site!!!! Are you planning on getting preg anytime soon?



    Today I got my very first BFP at 18 dpo with the digital HPT! Been testing every once in a while since about 8 dpo with cheapy dip strips from the internet, all which have been BFN. The only symptom I had before that was some left ovary pain during the time of ovulation. So EXCITED!



    Heather – yay for the confirmation from the Dr! I added you to the BFP blog two days ago with your faint BFP 😉 I did not think I was jumping the gun 😉



    Hello Ladies- I am new to this forum. I had twins last May. I was on one cycle of the losest dose of clomid when I conceived. I am ready to try again for another little one but I don’t want to be on clomid again. I hope we can get pregnant without any help this time.



    how fast did it appear? I am so pleased for you right now!!! Yay!!!



    sorry to hear that Diane……keep positive!!!!


    CD14. Am having a few cramps, Hopefully I am O’ing. I’ve BD everyday–with pre-seed– since March 18th, except one day! Pos OPK today again! So I pray that my fiance and I might get our BFP. I wasn’t going to do an OPK today because it was the last in my box. But I guess I will just have to buy another box of them. I am hoping/praying/wishing that we all get our BFPs soon, especially those who have been here for months!



    lol Wannab! Yay for a predictable cycle at least!


    Sorry I havent been on much today to share the BFP talk… I am still running a fever and the only thing that I can take to help with the congestion and fever is benodryl and tylenol lol so I have been asleep for 4 hours….how is everyone



    hello ladies CD10 here and i had a great valentines day


    Good night lovely ladies. If AF doesn’t come by Sunday I will be testing. I had a day and a half of spotting on Tues and Wed, so who knows what my body is doing now. Baby Dust to all who are in the 2ww, testing, ovulating, or bding this weekend!!!!!!!!



    mommy to jude i took a test yesterday and go a very faint line too! I have a pic on my profile if you wanna check it out. I’d say wait and test again tomorrow morning because if you are it has to get progressively darker. Good luck!

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