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    clay – looks like you could have Oed on CD 15/16



    Altho….. my friday is your thursday…. Hmmmm



    I also read something about taking baby aspirin to prevent miscarriage…don’t know what that’s all about or if I should take it just in case…I don’t want to go through that again


    debih-I would suggest using Puregon-minimum 150(I think its mg) its a needle injection for around 6 days, its fairly expensive-after my fertility treatments-I became highly educated (im sure there is alot I still dont know) Ive helped 2 girlfriends throughout there whole fertility treatments. Both were on clomid, 4 cylces for one, 3 cycles for theother were unsuccessful-they both switched to puregon and were successfulon there next IUI. baby Viola was just born last month, and the other is due in 2 months. Coincidence -perhaps-but the Puregon is a much stronger protocol than Clomid.



    Sorry I’m confussing PPL about OPK testing, I was telling Janet about a specific brand



    Ah yes, the mystery cycle continues! To make you wonder more Sherry, it is possible for implantation at 5 DPO (average is 7-10, but anywhere from 3-12 is possible). Only another week to really see the 2WW pattern!



    from what I gather they’re pretty good, but FRER is better



    It’s always so quiet in here in the mornings, UK time obviously! Most of you guys are tucked up in bed, dreaming about babies!



    Maureen – I bought ovulation kits from this ebay store. I have only used them this month and am waiting until next week to test for pregnancy. I have pics of them on my profile (including my positive OPK line). Have a look if you want. They cost me around 4 UK pounds for 25 of them. They also allow you to choose to mix them with pregnancy sticks i.e. 10 pregnancy and 15 ovulation. Good site.



    baby786 – Clomid stimulates ovulation.


    yeah my daughter is screaming and i dont know why… my dh called and talked to her for a few and she calmed down but went back to screaming when he hung up….I am going crazy, I hate to hear her scream but nothing i am doing is helping



    oh kim I really hope you are!..all the good wishes in the world coming your way…:)



    Well my Bunnies – I must hop away to prepare for TURKEY! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xo



    Terra: Thanks for the vote of confidence. Just wanted to clarify . I think you are referring to an Answer Brand OPK that I was using as HPT to see if it progressed since about 8dpo. I started using them again because initially FF was changing my ov date and coverline ( 4 times in all) and I started to wonder if I ov’d at all. I have since got two VERY FAINT pink lines on two dollar store HPT tests. Tried scanning and taking pics last night BUT even with photo enhancement nothing would show. This morning I got a little better line with FMU and luck with diggy camera. SO that is posted. I am going to buy a FRER hpt today if I get to town again or tomorrow. But so far AF is NO SHOW ! My temps are staying above coverline & FF’s pregnancy analyzer has me at 80 pts GIVING me really good odds. I am just trying not to get too excited YET! I have had extreme pain in my lower back for 3 days now so I dunno about that either. I will be YELLING IT from roof top IF my tests get darker over next few days. Hugs.



    diane – I am always amazed by your knowledge:) I went to nursing school and I still have no idea when it comes to ttc 🙂

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