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    @ mummyto -> Hun I agree with hoping & rls. I would sit down and talk it over with DH. I know that a V can be reversed but is it something you are both really ready for? Has he said anything about more children? What about using BC instead if you are not wanting any right now? At least that way if you do change your mind it is the easier thing to do. I hope that what ever happens you are both 100% sure. FX 4 u. @ linzp1982 -> thanks you so much for your post on here it actually put a smile on my face today when I read it. How cute an easter ‘egg’ hunt lol. I am in the same boat as I am CD14 and also waiting. As we used to say when we were kids ‘ I am slowly going crazy, crazy going slowly am I.’ lol. Sorry just had that pop into my head and it works.



    meli- probably the best way to do it is to stop 6 months before you really want to start trying so your body has time to sort itself out also you can learn when you ovulate and so can time BD for the right time. Good luck



    Smashley I alway thought Raspberry leaf tea was for something to do with labour? Can’t remember what it does but alot of my friends were drinking it around their due dates.



    aww 🙁 nunu! that sucks then :/ i hate side effects, the progesterone i take gives me hot flashes and i feel like im dying in this heat! sooo not looking forward to that again



    atlmommy – this is just our 2nd month TTC, so my expectations aren’t high this month. Though we concieved my daughter four years ago in the second month of trying . . . fingers are crossed we’re just as lucky this time. You?



    i used to feel it before DD was born, but now i can have slight cramps any time during my cycle so i have no clue



    Hi everyone! 9dpo here and I couldn’t help myself and tested with of course a negative. Ah well still 4 days to go. GG – That would be some frustrating, if it does turn out you would be pregnant, my gosh I’d come back and see that doctor with my big belly and be like told you so! haha! I’ve always had great care at my hospital, it does help that my mom and sisters work there as nurses though. So I’m also in the same boat for the waking up at night, I go pee and then can’t fall back asleep, yuck! I’ve got the dry mouth and throat too so I’m drinking like a fish. I had those symptoms last month too though. Hopefully things will start to progress. I sooo hope we get lots and lots of BFPs by Sunday. Just wondering, what are you doing for Mother’s Day this year??? *baby dust to all!*



    cherry looks like this mis month for messed up cycles lol



    Thank u Wendy and turtle I wouldn’t mind my cycle being a little shorter as I have always been 34 days but I guess I will soon fine out what my body will do:)



    Gator – No, it isn’t harmful. They will continue to grow until the placenta takes over hormone production from your ovaries, so you need to take it easy and not do anything incredibly strenuous (as in lifting a lot of weight and such) until about 12 or 13 weeks. By 20 weeks they’ll be gone.



    I’m taking bee propolis to enhance my fertility. My girlfriend who has been trying for over a year is taking it, too, along with Vitex. What do you ladies think.. do you think taking two supplements could be beneficial or could it not a good idea when it comes to enhancing fertility? I don’t see how it could hurt?



    lol Cherry 😉 I won’t come in here with any spoilers, I promise!!!



    Amber~ Ithink your BFP isa right around the corner. Try FMU tomorrow am. I got up early and needed to pee this morning and I just saved my FMU and tested a little later. My line was VERY faint, but a line is a line. I used a Dollar Tree test and I don’t know how sensitive they are. Maybe get an early response and FMU? Sunflower lol at the Uncle Brown comment. Never heard that. I do love you ladies and will stick around for a while. So glad to have ladies that I ‘know’ to move on with. Come on let’s keep the BFP’s coming.



    dmmarinewife~good luck with that. FX rbrencur and to the rest of you. Baby dust to all : ) What’s with the post from sandra35? It’s on more than just this forum.



    So I just checked fertility friend and tomorrow I’ll be 11dpo not the 10 thought whats the odds on getting an more accurate result, only 7 hours til I can POAS 🙂

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