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    what is poas?


    Mommy – Did you BD anytime before then??



    Kellio- One of the girls on here looked into it and she became pregnant after 7 years of TTC and took soy one month and got her BFP. You start with 80mg and then increase your dosage upto about 160mg but NO MORE then 200mg per day. It helps with maturing the egg and ovulation. However if you read on the net it says taking soy can decrease fertility but if you only take it for 5 days like clomid then it can actually help. Anyway’s we’ve all started trying it now! It’s worth a go anyway!!



    8dpo today and Im getting sharp pains right under my bikini line and my breasts are only slightly sore. Hopefully aunt flo doesnt show her ass next monday and I get a bfp… Glad I’m not only one in the middle of the 2ww… Urrrrrrgh so freakin’ frustrating!!



    ahhh i might as well right? lol, i keep telling myself i’m no PG so when i see the bfn im not so upset



    digi tests show what week of pregnancy you’re in?! or did i read something wrong? haha!



    lol im sitting in my bed right now munchin on some LOL. i like it so much right now, that i didnt mind a lil sand in it at the beach the other day cuz that was the only ice i iad. i have been so thirsty and ice is just the best right now. i also think that may be contributing to my BFN cuz ive been drinking before bed and so its either watered down FMU or i end up getting up in the night to P…



    M2Abi…that would be 12DPO for me…gonna do it with a 10mlU test…if they get here this week. I ordered them just before the weekend.



    I thought i o’d early on cd 10-11 when i got a pos opk and fern and tons of ewcm


    Member — sorry. You girls are all so great. Turtle — go for it! I am feeling very nauseated same exact time as yesterday. Ugh. Exciting, and truly afternoon sickness is somewhat better than morning because I have a 2 year old this time around to get ready in the morning and a hubby with a broken leg so I cannot afford to be sick in the morning! Hoping I am not just coming down with some odd stomach issue ( :



    i have a question, i put in my last af date and it keeps predicting i’m due in March, i guess it goes by the af date, but i just feel like i’m only 2 weeks into teh preg. how do u get the exact or a better due date?



    Just for thought ladies, I was looking into the lunar fertility cycle and you wouldn’t belive it, after getting my chart done up, it matches with my pos OPK on the 27th, with my fertile days being 27-31 Oct, how crazy is that. Here is the link for the site I used, it is free and I will include the instructions as well.

    heres how to get ur chart

    right once u filled the form in then when it goes on to a new page down the left side click on

    – free horoscopes then….
    -horoscope drawings and calculations…then
    – extended chart selection

    then it will go onto another page and where it says method choose special chart then under that choose lunar phases fertility calendar…then click show chart then its done

    sorry its long winded but its free every other site u have to pay!

    It worked for me, so see how you go xoxoxo



    awesome..sorry i’m still shock from being preg i’m not readng clearly. my eyes are so blurry. i’m only about 1 month and my hcg is already 1543, either the baby is really healthy or i’m havng twin



    Mom2aidan….((((((HUGS)))))) my dear!! Of course you feel this way, it’s natural. I’m sorry you’re having to hide your grief in order to celebrate another’s pg news. We’re here & we totally understand. I’m in a similar situation. A friend got pg on her 1st month of trying & BD’d the day after she thought she O’d. I am happy for her but really having to keep personal envy in check. We are human…not perfect. Chin up love. God will bless you at the PERFECT moment



    Hey C. I got the EPO and man those things are HUGE. The bottle says to take them 3x’s a day and are 1,000mg.

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