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    Really? Ouch! I think when pg with ds I would have bought it. Now, 34.00 for a 50/50 shot, well, I hate to even buy pg tests unless I am already late! Whose going in on that case Princess mentioned? lol! 🙂


    Member – I DREAD the name game with my dh:/ We fight almost the whole 9 months, we start making bets and using the names as wagers if we win,lol. It usually comes down to the drive to the hospital to deliver before one of us gives in though.



    ashes: i’m telling you you have inspired me! GOD, i’m just hoping it works for me. If it doesn’t, i’m going back to the doctor and upping my clomid dosage, I WILL HAVE a damn bfp by the end of the year damnit! LOL…excuse my French!


    Pink – I am SO sorry about your rude neighbor, that’s just awful. Weight is such a sensitive topic, how rude. But, a BIG congrats on the new job, that’s awesome!! Mommytoabi, yay for a pos opk! damnkat, I’m sorry you got bad news, but an explanation that’s treatable gives me such great hope for you! FX for those of you getting ready to test… 🙂 I hope you don’t mind me sticking around here with you all. I’m so early on that I’m scared to go to the weeklies just yet… Who knows how this will go. Too many close friends with early mc lately.



    I took my soy dosages CD2-6. I didn’t take as much as some of the other girls did so I hope it works!:)



    Exotic I agree with mommytoabi – money problems can put a huge strain on a realtionship and family! Good luck to you hopefully you can come to an agreement.



    would i count af startin 2 day or 2 morrow?



    alicia and baby…the first time we bd’d, i went straight to the toilet hoping to get rid of some sperm as Ihad read somewhere…I want a girl lol.



    Conception can happen on O date, or up to 24 hours after the egg’s release. It only takes a fast sperm 45 minutes to get to the egg!



    And that meant to say ‘ I dont know much about TEMPS’



    hey diane, yes this is the first time for unprotected sex this month as we normaly use condoms. we already have a son a year ago and cant remember the actual finding out part. my periods are normally really regular and on time never late or early. and it was quite heavy when i woke up this morning and it has slowed down to almost a stop.



    mommytoabi – I just saw this on a website Guideline to hCG levels during pregnancy:
    hCG levels in weeks from LMP (gestational age)* :

    3 weeks LMP: 5 – 50 mIU/ml
    4 weeks LMP: 5 – 426 mIU/ml
    5 weeks LMP: 18 – 7,340 mIU/ml

    why is 14 not good?? Looks ok to me?? Maye a little low…but still in the range!!!



    Anyone have a suggestion on an OPK testing time? I will be doing two a day. One while I’m at work and one while i’m at home. I work from 8-5. The reason I ask is because i’m trying to increase my water intake and I don’t want to have a diluted opk test.



    dawn- I have fallen pregnant twice on my own with severe polycystic ovaries. My 1st took 5 yrs ttc, 2nd happened first month ttc. I’m on month 19ttc now. It is really just luck as to whether you release and catch the egg, as I rarely O, but still get AF(very irregular though 14-44 day cycles). You just have to BD lots in the hope of eventually O’ing. Also the blood tests don’t always show anything(mine came back all fine) and an u/s will really tell you if you have PCOS.



    oh cpalmer u werent here earlier, i am not ttc in august bc wehave decided to get married in september!! and i dont wanna be preg for that, but like i said earlier, watch me get prego now that i dont want to hah! i will be ttc in sept oct nov

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