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    ama-llama, can u post pix?!?!?!



    Congrats for the BFPs. Alicia baby, My cycles are 24 days long so when I tracked my ovulation, I always O’d around CD10. So that’s normal. Go BD just to be safe



    Oh no Eeyore! Take Tylenol and I hoe you feel better soon!


    dmmarinewife: me to I am a x-mas baby so I will cross my fingers and toes for you too and a course prayers



    Well gals I have to get my 6 mo some of her tylonol to get her ready for her checkup and shots today at the doc. Check back later!



    kcpmommy :- Too funny! NOTHING is a sectret once you have children!LOL That’s so cute:-)



    Victoria – just read your story – I believe protocol will require doctors to treat you as high risk so then you will be monitored way more closely this time and will be taken care of. Will be praying for you.


    Meganh- so sorry for ur loss hun. Xx…. I got my appointment through the post today yayyyy, just as I was thinking they forgot about me lol. 7th Nov is our appointment date with the fertility doctor at our main hospital. So exciting, it gives me hope that maybe just maybe I can conceive by the end of the year :), I’m stil taking EPO and Royal Jelly x



    trying4: Are your cycles fairly regular?



    CD 32 and 11 DPO….I am so ready to retest!



    HERE IS HOPING AF DOESNT SHE HER UGLY FACE TOMORROW. Did a test yesterday but think it was dodgy. now just to wait. if nothing by monday i will test again FX



    Mommytoabi: I agree, just relax, and enjoy the ride, the big man upstairs (god, or whatever faith you follow) knows what he’s doing. Even though you went through a lot of pain bc of your ectopic, and losing a child, its meant to make you a stronger healthier woman. Have u scheduled bloodwork yet?



    good luck to you girls!!!!!!!! I am just starting my whole cycle again! Been 2 weeks since last AF finished and I ovulated a few days after that! grrr stupid PCOS!



    My tests only got this dark when I was about 20-25 DPO last time. LOL… my hcg eventually went up with my ectopic but it took a while. My first beta was at 15 DPO and it was a mere 14.. so I think a beta of 89 at 12 DPO is pretty good for me!



    two2love – that’s interesting about the every day thing. Maybe it is different in different countries or just with different areas. My specialist here in Melbourne was adamant that you can deplete the actual sperm if you bd every day and only recommends every second day. I suppose this is why we get confused, with all of these different opinions. I got pregnant on the every second day advice, but my best friend was doing it every day just for the 5 days around ovulation and she got pregnant, so who know!!! The luck of the draw I guess. hah.

Viewing 15 posts - 108,241 through 108,255 (of 131,346 total)

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