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    Alohamom, Terriann and Colby…wish you 3 all BFP’s. Hoping AF being this late is a very good sign for you all!! FX!!!



    Crap I can’t, can’t go back to last month on mobile ff, and can’t add symptoms or anything on normal ff cause im on my phone. Oh well I knoe what day I o’d ill change it if I get onto a comp



    caniac sorry af showed up but good news you are on your way with all the test and help you can get. I’m not sure what my Dr will do if I don’t get pg this month. I’m sure I will be telling him to start all and any test I can have.



    So… you know your boobs are too big when you drop a cheeto in your clevage and can’t find it!!!! WOW! lol.



    When are you going to test terriann? Welcome emily82 and good luck!



    Where’s everyone else with there cycles?



    AF due today. Cramps, cramps and more cramps. Wish she would just hurry up and show so I can get this over with and move on,lol.



    Hello cd1! Not only was af 13 days late but the bitch come at full force at 5am this morning what a great day for it, massive cramps heavy af and training for my new job love it.



    well af due today did hpt n gpt bfn no symptoms of af or of pregnancy so guess just gta wait it out…. again 🙁 xxx



    I need an answer so I stop freeking about this…I have gotten 2 positive OPKs from first response ovulation test but then just to see I took clear blue easy smiley face and got negative. same day!!!



    Has anyone’s boobs been sore enough for the nipples to get chapped? Tmi sorry, but they tingle so bad lately and since then they even got chapped! Ah! I’m a grown woman and I know nothing as it seems! Lol my last period wAS the 13th and I have been taking supplements to regulate my periods so I will ovulate every month so I’m not used to all these other symptoms lol! Ah! I really hope this works so maybe I can have a baby easier! Lol so another question for u pros, if these supplements work as in get my period regular, when should I anticipate my period? Just so I know if/when they start working? Sorry I know I’m all over the place but, yeah I’m excited


    Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Santa gives us all a very welcome present this christmas!



    nellmariemarin-ughh i know what you mean, its just so discouraging to keep getting a negative when i feel in every part of my body that i should be getting a big fat POSITIVE! i have one daughter and honestly i thought that i would mean that i would b able to get pregnant fast this time around since im actually trying (baby girl was a birthcontrol baby). But this is not the case, we are now 7 months in for trying this is the 2nd month on clomid. i just pray that on monday AF does NOT come, but a BFP DOES!! for both of us!!!!!


    jun-have you checked your temp? That’s how I feel when I get a fever. Try taking some tylenol or motrin-hope you feel better soon!
    shannon-big congrats on your bfp!!! Sticky dust to you!
    midwest-I am not familiar with bbt charting, you did the opk, did that correlate at all with what fertility friend is saying?


    Nixsa I am the same way. I read a lot. I also pray, cry and give sympathy! I have a job that keeps me typing on the computer so at times I’m just so tired to type. But I still read. 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 108,376 through 108,390 (of 131,346 total)

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