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    Thanks duffy. I hope u get af or a bfp soon.



    Kiwichick – fingers crossed but my thoughts are with you either way. Sunnyside – good luck with testing tomorrow. Endoftherainbow – Yay for your BFP. Laura – good news so keep those fingers crossed. As for me – didn’t even get the chance to test this morning as AF showed up. So going to re-evaluate over weekend to decide if I go onto month 12 of trying…. Good luck to everyone over the weekend… Just remember, even though we don’t all post, we are here supporting and reading your posts. Baby dust to everyone :o)



    Sorry about the BFN Thirdtime – but there really is nothing like retail therapy to lift the spirits!! Prep for a BFP next cycle hun!! 🙂



    Ladies sorry if tmi….but would diarrhea be a sign pregnant…????but other then that. I love the ttc group….Ive know this ttc from 2009…when I used utter to get pregnant with my second child. The ladies back then were awesome and so are these ladies….



    how long should i wait b4 i take another HPT cause i had IB about 3 days ago. im gonna try and wait as long as i have to cause if i keep getting BFN’s im gonna go crazy.



    Thanks everyone for the replys. I woke up this morning ready for a long talk with my husband. I agree with everyones points on this and feel it is best to just say it. I am also almost sure she would be happy for us. I think it is his baby sister and he is trying to protect her but I think he stepped out of line on this. Thanks again everyone.



    thanks diane I get paid in a couple I will try then hope everyone has a good day



    lkdream- i haven’t seen a dr yet. Cycles range from 1-2 days off to a bit over a week off. I figure i may leave it another cycle or two. It has been 4 weeks 2 days since my last cycle. Next cycle i think i will try digital ovulation tests so at least i can work out more precisely when i do ovulate.



    is fertile cm is the same thing as ovulation cm?


    Eeeek! So excited to be back on this site. Hubby and I have decided to try for our third and final baby. The first I got pregnant with my son, it was a complete surprise. Our daughter was planned and we got pregnant after the first try. Not sure that will happen this time around though, as I had my last depo shot 4 months ago. Fingers crossed!



    Thank you so much Diane it was actually $49.00 FDA approved and in the instructions says 12 wks plus up to 15 wks, I bought this because I wanted some piece of mine and I am a back were I first started. I am sorry if I seem anxious but my DH already told me that once this baby is 37wks he wants it out, he said it will kill him to have to go through what happen last year and I understand completely.



    Thank you babydust. But Im very worried that my mind is playing tricks on me. How do I know if it is?



    Militarymommy I am Au, only thing they have here is the pound, I just feel bad because we have had her for three years and now we have to get rid of her and I think she would have been better off with someone else and we shouldn’t have brought her.



    mommyof2- I have no idea about how cysts affect fertility but if your doctor is not being helpful maybe you could find another doctor? My doc is awesome! There were 2 times over the last 4 months that I thought I was pregnant, called my dr office and just asked her to send a lab order in for blood work and she did. The hardest thing is not knowing what is going on with our bodies. In late August I had 3 faintly positive tests, but it seemed like they were each lighter than the day before. I was freaking out! I had blood drawn about 4 days after the first positive and it was negative (<2). The doc thinks there was something wrong with the tests (3 different brands?? <<<skeptical!) Anyway, I had no spotting, still 'felt pregnant', but no AF. I wanted answers. Anyway, about a week and a half after AF was due she finally arrived. That whole thing has made me learn that there is nothing we can do. Instead of trying to divine information from symptoms and google, we have to find ways to keep our minds occupied and just wait it out. Easier said than done! I also have 2 kids and we will be actively trying for a third in Jan (if I am not pregnant this cycle which still has my fingers crossed! LOL). Hope you can find some answers. If I were you, I would ask my doc for a referral to an osteopath. They tend to try to find the underlying issues (ie figure out what is causing the cysts and treat that, not just treat the cysts). Good luck and updates! It isn't over until AF is knocking on your door! If you are due in 4 days you might only be 10dpo, that is still early!



    so AF started tonight around 6 pm, and with a vengence, wondering if AF starts so late, but is heavy enough to need a pad, is today day one or tomorrow, when I checked my cervix at lunch there was no blood

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