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    Tashas accourding to thie site if I get my BFP this month my due date will be July 13th too! Wow I am praying for all of us for July babies.



    Thanks Diane! I was just curious about odd cycles because there seem to be more posts than normal about it. Deffo going to test in 5 days then as LP is usually 11 days and that would make me 10DPO.



    GOT IT! Heehee!!



    I can’t wait to test…AF is due on the 10th, so I am going to test on the 5th. I know that’s super early, but I tested that early with my first and had a BFP, so hopefully this time I will too! I wish the 5th would hurry up and get here!



    oh and thank you!! 🙂



    Hey everyone, I know I’ve been pretty invisible this last month. It’s been really hard for me to think about TTC since my miscarriage last month. Everything was fairly normal this cycle though. Positive opk’s on cd 17 and 18. Ovulated on day 20. I’ll be 10dpo tomorrow and I’m going to test in the morning. I got my first positive at 10dpo on December 17th, with the last pregnancy so maybe I’ll have some good news tomorrow. I don’t normally break out or have a ton of creamy cm but this month I have. Let’s hope it means something lol. Congrats to the two BFP’s!!



    I hope I am prego now..heehee I am pretty sure I o’d this weekend, but I’m not tracking temps or using opks this month, because AF was MIA for 3 months so I am trying to relax this cycle, hoping it will happen. I have been trying for about 7 months. The day my sweet baby passed is the day I stopped taking my pills. I will save up some baby dust for you, and once you get the go ahead from the doc, I’ll send it your way!



    well af is due for me tomorrow or the day after…depending if i have a 33 or 34 day cycle…one minute i think for sure she will come, the next minute i think for sure she wont…who knows…if im not preggo i just want AF to come so i will have a difinitive answer!!!


    Well, here I am. Today AF started (YAY – this is the 1st time I have ever been happy to get AF) and I can count this as CD1. YAY. So in about 2 weeks we can start trying again! I m/c at 8 weeks on the last day of February and started AF on the last day of March. So maybe I will wait to test for BFP til the last day of April!



    Lots of new girls, Welcome all and hope that you get your bfps soon!!!!!



    i’m 28weeks pregnant but i just saw your post about the test…my second line was faint as well. it was a first response test.



    flangel, Lawwa left a great link re antihistamines. You are better off taking antihistamines than not, as too much histamine (the allergic reaction) might actually hinder fertilization or implantation. As for the EPO, it can increase estrogen and make the time leading to ovulation more tender – a little tenderness is not a bad thing, means your body is doing what it is supposed to. If you find it really uncomfortable though, maybe not worth it. If you find it is not increasing your CM to be more EWCM, then perhaps stop taking it. Remember to only take it from AF to ovulation, and not after, if you do decide to keep up with it.


    New blog, check it out……Talk to you ladies tonite! Baby Dust*************************



    question is anyone else bbs itchy..i know tmi… but it is crazy!!



    Lc do u rekon u could of o’d on cd9 last month? Coz wernt u only 8dpo when u got ur + ?

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