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    Again, i am feeling sick to my stomach. Im sooooooo hoping this is a good sign ugh. Im going to be so sad if im not pregnant cause i will be stopping TTC until later. I really dont want to do that but either i get pregnant this month or i quit. 🙁



    does anyone know anything that helps with wisdom teeth pain and is ok during pregnancy?


    hey girls this might sound silly, but how long after you ovulate can you do a hpt?



    OMG I fell asleep, wack! straight out for two hours!



    Thanks dianetake2! I ended up starting my period this morning 🙁 I went off the pill 2 months ago and we decided to ‘really’ start trying in June but this month I just got so excited about the whole thing again! I would like to start chatting with you ladies! By month 17 there are not as many chatters 🙂



    good afternoon ladies, I hope all is well. The talk about cookies today have made me really hungry. *think to myself, yummmmm cookies*



    I also find it funny that you can buy pee mugs on… they have a picture of a pregnancy test on them with the words, My Pee Cup and ‘CAUTION: This mug is tainted with residual hormones. Drinking from it may result in obsessive line-analyzing and compulsive test-purchasing. Not to mention yellow coffee.’



    Hey Ladies , How is everyone? CD 22 for me and 4 or 5 dpo! Af is due Dec 31. Hopefully she wont show and I will get my bfp before 2008 is over with.



    I finally have my positive OPK!! I can’t believe it, I’ve been waiting so long for this!!



    i had a very vivid dream lastnight that i took a hpt and it was positive like straight away,felt soo real..



    Ok advice please… My AF is due tomorrow… You think I could test now and if I am it would show? I would love to take the test before DH gets home and then surprize him somehow tonight if its pos! Im just a little scared to test, afraid to be disappointed… So should I do it? Or wait…?






    I would wait as well, I would wait at leat till you was a few days late.



    I’m very happy, but still a little nervous that it will turn out to be a mistake or I will loose it. I guess those are natural fears.


    Hello im Nikki and I had a Tubal Revesal on 4/30. I am a 1 tuber and its 8cm and set for repeat hsg and to start clomid in June . I lost the left due to an ectopic rupture when my tubes were still tied. I am testing on the 18 or 19th. I O’d late based on opks and temps. Af is due on the 23rd. I had brown spotting on 5 dpo and temps are high right now. I am okay if I am not pregnant this cycle as I just started. Positive opk was on 7th and 8th and BD only on the 8th. I wasnt truly TTC yet. Baby dust and patience dust to everyone.

Viewing 15 posts - 108,481 through 108,495 (of 131,346 total)

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