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    Phoenix8098 (aka Michelle) jumps up and down waving her hands to get Kristin’s attention…if the fairies show up PLEASE send them to my house next!!!!



    I THINK… but Im not sure, that i am 8 or 9 DPO I believe I ovulated around the 11th or 12th.



    ok ladies .. i lost my baby girl i was 5 months along in oct i now think i’m going 2 try again this month wish me luck.. i’m just really scared something will happen again 🙁



    07babe – the Clearblue digital is the most sensitive.



    hey guys question..I’m on CD 50. no sign of AF coming anytime soon. what do I do? Should I go see a doctor? I did have really really positive OPK on Cd 43 and I might have O’ed finally. But we didnt BD much except on CD 43 and 45 or 46. Once you get a pos opk how long is the window to get pg?


    i’m 11DPO



    Hey phoenix,
    how are you? I would say morning but it’s night here



    Hi ladies so af came awesome nit I’m getting really frustrated it’s almost been a full tough year of ttc and idk how long dh and I can keep trying it’s such a dissapointment each and every month and both of us think it’s our fault ugh sorry for the negativity but I just need ppl ho know this feeling.



    Good, I have to head to work but would MUCH rather stay on with you girls…you’re way more fun!



    laquita -> from what i understand from other ladies on here and from people I know you can get a neg and still be prego. What kind of tests are you using? I have noticed that the net cheapies are not so good. See about getting blood work done as it more accurate. Sometimes others know before we do so if DH thinks so he might be right. Your best bet it the blood work. GL and I hope that your DH is correct.



    SO I GOT MY SHIPMENT OF EPT’S!!! and of course i tested already.. way too soon i know, cause i shouldnt be testing until the 26/27 and i got a bfn.. but i know its too early still but i was excited to use the tests lol!!!



    8DPO-Didn’t feel that bad this morning but didn’t feel like myself. I go from being exhausted to hungry to moody to sleepy. I need this to be over.



    Pocahontas, I’m hoping to learn more this month about charting so I will have the warning system. I dislike BFN’s and AF on almost the same level 🙂



    BFP!!!!! I guess that palm reader on the boardwalk was on to something! I’m so happy after 5 months of trying for baby #2. Good luck to all of you ladies!



    I try not to read to much into things or get my hopes up, but here goes. I am 3dpo and yesterday my cp was low and pretty firm.After reading Mrs.ggtx post I just checked and it is higher and softer! Slightly open but since having my daughter it is always slightly open. I checked online and the site said that in early pregnancy it would get higher and softer.****finger’s crossed***

Viewing 15 posts - 108,496 through 108,510 (of 131,346 total)

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