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    today i am 3 DPO and i had very creamy cm, when i wiped and even in my underwear (sorry if TMI) also, i am extremely emotional, i was just crying a bit ago over something small, my hubby asked me earlier if it was my time of month or something because i was sensitive. and, today and a little yesterday, my sciatic nerve was being pinched. i never had that until i was pregnant with my LO. when i was walking today i said ow, and told my DH that my nerve was pinched he said, uh oh i’ve only hear you say that one other time.. so, hopefully these are all good signs. or maybe it’s too soon and i’m imagining things lol



    Happy – I’m so terribly sorry it’s been such a long hard road for you. Do you mind my asking, do you know why you are having trouble? I have PCOS and it took us 6 years to get pregnant with our daughter so I totally understand the frustration and sadness you must be feeling. It’s just not fair that a loving couple has so much trouble. My heart truly aches for you.



    I think I may wait until the weekend…I don’t want to waste another test…So, if it doesn’t show by Saturday I will test. If I am preggo…My due date will be a month before my dd turns 3…PERFECT, that way I can totally rock her 3rd Birthday Bash! 🙂
    No sign of AF…this is the latest I have been since I had my dd….hoping for a BFP and not a cruel joke by af.



    i am sooooooooooooooooo tired, but cant really sleep. i have been having some cramping on my right side too, hopefully it’s implantation cramps. i dunno??? i took a test yesturday and got a BFN i think its too early to test though. i go in thursday for a blood test



    Thanks for answering Baby786. I had never heard of a monitor. I will have to check it out. Thanks



    I just hit referesh and I saw two post. One about butt paste and one about butter. I thought’ why would you put butter on a baby’s but?’ than I relized they were not related. lol



    May – You’re extremely fertile after having a baby. Some say it’s the time you can get pregnant almost effortlessly



    i just dont want to test yet b/c it took me almost 3 weeks to get a BFP with DD



    my heart is broken. i thought for sure this was the month. the blood test was negative. we had sex twice this week…and my period is still 4 days late…could i ge t pregnant right up before my period? anyone else experience that? if so, do you still have your af? im wondering why mine still isnt here…



    morning everyone i got a BFN today, it’s okay though I didnt really expect to get a BFP. I have not had a period yet since I stoped breastfeeding in November, but I thought that I ovulated aournd the 10th so we did the BD. We are gonig to ‘try’ still, but put it in Gods hands. originaly we were not going to start for Baby #2 till DD was 1 (which will be in june) so if it happens before then great, if not thats okay too. Baby #2 will happen when it’s supposed to happen. I got a fertility monitor and a BBT to start to use just to see what my body is doing. ive never really kept an eye on my cycle anyways so i really have no idea how long they are. ANYWAYS congrats to all those with a BFP and sticky baby dust to all!!!! Keep on BDing!!! LOL


    Congrats excitedmum! Now send that sticky baby dust back our way :OD. I am starting af any day after a course of progesterone to start my cycle, and I think that is why the featured video that follows me from page to page on here is making me crazy! Good luck ladies maybe August just might be our month!!!



    Checking out my calendar and unless my cycle gets wacky in the next few months I could be o ing right after hubby comes home in July. And since we cant BD for so long thing should be pretty powerful. lol


    Coming to the end of my tww…af due on Monday try to hold back on testing but I’m going a little crazy lol… might test tomorrow morning but we shall see…. my hunny is out of town fighting fire and has no cell service so I don’t wanna upset him by testing when he is not here but not sure I can wait…. lol I have had sore bbs the past week and some cramping really low but nothing bad just light… don’t usually like af I usually cramp iq day or two before….. so not sure when I have eaten I have bloated real bad lately so not sure…if I eat to late at night I get nauseous…so I hope these are all good signs [O=



    So Friday will be 3 weeks late for me! Went out and got a frer hpt today and took it and still got BFN! Is it possible that my body just skipped that period since it was my first month off the pill? Plus, I think I’ve still ovulated this month as well. I’ve had lots of CM the past few days. And by looking at an Ovulation calender that if I had of had my period last month I would have O’d like 2 days ago. IDK..i’m just so frusterated with it all!!



    Morning ladies…. day 5 and no AF after the provera. My doc thinks the pill didnt work and wants try something else, but i’m hoping that its b/c a mircle happened from my withdrawal bleeding two weeks ago as i been reading that it can happen. My firend gf got her two daughters from her wdb too. Grant it i have no signs of anything just sore boobs. No cramping or anything like that. I’m hoping I O’d on Saturday and if thats the case I might be 5dpo (i think). i must say i am not getting my hopes up as I also read it can take up to a week for AF to show after the provera, but it is cool to know that it is possible to happen that way. Good Luck to you ladies this month!!!

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