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    Since we arn’t officially ttc until July I haven’t bought any pg tests… I am thinking if af doesn’t get started by tonight I will go get a test… all I have to say is if I am pg then this little soul REALLY wants to be with us! lol



    hi ladies i think i need help..
    i have been trying to concieve since may last year and have had to m/c
    my cycle length is 28 days
    i have been using ovk to find out when i ovulate its the 18th day in my cycle

    AF DUE 16/04/2011

    im trying to work out my luteal phase
    im thinking its short and have been told it could be reason for my early miscarriages plz help need to work out my cycle when im due and when i can test plz



    Arctic – Don’t give up hope yet. My best friend bled quite a bit, bright red for a day or two when pregnant with her son. She had tested early so already knew she was preggers and then started bleeding when AF was due. But he was a healthy boy in the end. It doesn’t happen that way for most people but sometimes there’s a fluke like that.



    mummyto ~ i would personally say if your not 100% then i wouldnt do it for now and as the others sed maybe try some bc for now every person i have ever known to have either thr v or tubes tied has regretted it years down the line! i have a sister who had 3 children and didnt want anymore but split with her boyfriend and later met her now husband and they had both had the v and tubes done with there previous partners they now wish they could have a baby and sadly cant, my sister even sed to me recently she wished she ad listened to me all those years ago when i told her not to do it… other sister married a man who had the v with his previous wife cos they already had 6 kids my sister has none and it will stay that way and she is so desperate to experience being a mum ….so having seen what it can do too 2 very close ppl to me i would never get it done nor ask my husband too …that is my personal view on it…there are plenty of other bc methods that work just aswel if used correctly so honestly if your not 100% dont do it cos u might regret it ppl who are adamant and 100% percent always live to regret it x



    My AF is going to show tomorrow! Roll on two weeks today when I O again!!!! lol



    mommy2aiden~ if opk’s are starting to go pos again, you could try a hpt and see what that say’s, if that is neg, then your body could be trying to O again. Are you temping? if you are temping and your temp shows a for sure sign of O then definitely try an HPT,.



    it should show up im around same time as you i ovulated between 11th and the 13th and i got my bfp 2 days ago



    Smashley – sorry about your MC, I hope look into now for you and you get some answers.



    according to the calculation today would be my ov day. we’ve been bd 2 a day since saturday. yet i thought we would be all set so we didn’t focus much today. i’m such a dimwit



    6DPO and still nothing going on. Just light cramping now and then. Perhaps a bit wetter down there. Oh well. Does anyone know what happen to praying4apink?



    oh well LOL, next month i’m not going to chart. (well hopefully there wont be a next month and i’ll get that bfp!) i’ll just take my clomid and BD every other day……… *sigh*



    hey ladies day 23 rtoday and going to docter to get soem good antibiotics and painkillers as ve come down with tonsilitis on mothers day.. i hardly ever take any drugs spec concidering ttc but i can handle how painful it is so heres guessing iam not pregs this month.. hope next month iam pregs and not sick…



    Arlz – I take Omega 3 supplements not specifically because I’m TTC, but because I’m still breastfeeding and it’s good for my daughter. I also take a PNV every day for the same reason. I might not be pregnant but I’m still supporting my daughter’s dietary needs.



    so odd…momtoAbi…suppose it could be possible to be pg…it’s hard to say with an irregular cycle. Of course you know i’d poas…but i don’t want to encourage you to waste one LOL!



    How long ago did you take your meds Cherry? I would call the doc before I took another dose

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