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    lol thx (blushing badly lol)



    Strong- your first PP cycle may be anovulatory. Or you could pop an egg at any time. My suggestion would be to have sex every other day until AF shows up. Or, if you are in tune with your body, pay attention to your cervical mucus (cm) and when it starts increasing, getting thinner, and eventuall becoming like raw egg-white in consistency make sure to have sex on those days.


    Agale- that is confusing… I would call your doc and see if they can do a blood test. You never know, the human body is a crazy thing, lol. Do you want to be preggo?



    hey guys My friend just gave birth to triplets. Identical boys and a fraternal girl.! I am so happy for her!



    how are you today jessica?



    Good to know ali! I have an appt next Wed with my midwife, so I will know for sure then. Also, AF isn’t due for 3 more days. So I am guessing that the faint color is just because I haven’t missed my period yet.



    shygurlie….i also have that problem lol actually i had a tiny belly before i got pregnant with my first and now it def just wont go away lol i do moderate exercise tho and am trying my darndest to eat somewhat healthy but hey if i dont lose it, no harm, no foul! ill only be baking another bun in there, and well who wants new stretch marks!?!? not me!! 🙂 good luck to u! xxx



    Lora sorry to hear that I’m sure it won’t take too long to get your bfp fingers crossed for everyone and tazzysmumma with both my girls I had severe morning sickness from literally conception right through to the end along with the metallic taste (never suffered with sore bbs though 🙂 ) I’ve been pregnant 3 times n all have been symptoms as I’m unlucky like that I no every preg different but who knows we shall see it wud just be a fab 25th birthday present 🙂



    have to ask any of you ladies who are or have been prego when they say you have butterflies int the stomach area is it like when you ride a roller coaster and your stomach gets that funny feeling on the way down? And is it around the belly button area?



    Argh! So confused! My OPK was positive on 7th, and I had a slight dip in temps the day after, so assumed I ovulated on 8th. However yesterday I had loads of EWCM, but negative OPK the day before (so light I didn’t even bother testing again yesterday!) but today my temp has dropped loads! What is going on?! Is it possible to ovulate that long after getting a positive OPK? As in 4 days later without a positive OPK in between?! (Although I suppose yesterday could have been positive, but didn’t test as I was so sure I had already ovulated?!)



    Oh she definitly will she’s a mummys girl, she even crys if I leave her at her nans, I gotta sneak off while she’s not looking its horrible.



    @amanda: Hey, at least your outlook for next month will be better! AF will get everything cleaned out and ready to go for your LO!



    I posted this in ovulation also. So we’ve been half heartedly TTC fo 9 months. We haven’t had sex in a week and today 2 days before AF is due I have EW discharge. This has never happened to me unless It was mid-cycle ovulation. Anyone else have this?


    Posting a pic of FRER from about 5 min ago =) still a faint line.. now I’m wondering if it is the trigger or if i am just trying to deny this being real!!! I will test again tomorrow am with FMU!!!



    Well temp dipped heaps today,, spotting slightly heavier…so af may be full force the lines on my MANY hpts what does that mean? chemical? mc? not happy jan.. ;((

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