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    Good luck to those ladies trying to work out their cycles….. it can be a real guessing game. I thought I was due for AF today but hasn’t shown so far – test gave me a BFN. So will try again tomorrow. Just shows that my O date was screwy too. It was 5-6 days late (I think) than what it has been for the last 8 months. I just wish it would get here so I can start the clomid etc. I thought it had come today as I was feeling wet down there (TMI) but no show yet….. Grrrrr…. Good luck to those testing :o)



    I asked one of the 2 yoda’s I know (referring to Diane and Cpalmer haha) but I asked cpalmer and doesnt look like ovulation but it could be there is a definate sustainned temp shift, so it could be. have they tested? And regarding you bfing baby -the temp spikes are hormone shifts from the prolactin i think, ive seen breastfeeding charts like this before. So that’s cpalmer ‘s so far. She said she’d check out some charts :0) haha



    How many children do you all plan to have?



    eeyore – lol i think the same thing about my DD, my hubby always says that if she wasnt so ‘damn’ cute she wouldnt get away with so much stuff


    Trulyblessed that’s awesome! I will be thinking about you on Wed 🙂 hope this is it for us!



    Only bad if you didn’t do it prior to pregnancy. Otherwise up it but not like way over what you used to do



    Just wanted to update you all.
    Well hubby went to the doc about his meds and they said his fertility will NOT be effected by the drugs. That is a relief but now we will have to put a hold on ttc anyway. Hubby’s health is just not well enough for me to be selfish and bring someone else in the mix. He has been having alot of problems with his heart and Iwould just prefer he be healthier before we start again. I am a little sad about it and really am not sure if it will truly ever happen but praising God anyway!

    Goodluck to you all though.



    This is so great. I’m so excited for you and tons of sticky baby dust. You deserve so much.


    Ladies I am not one to really just throw myself out there for prayer request, but please say a short word for me & my DH. I know I don’t have it as bad & it could be a lot worse, but 11 months of trying is really coming down on us. We love each other dearly & just want a family of our own together.



    I was given percocet after i had my c section and 600 mg of mortin to take alternating… i still have a ton of the meds left..i think after about a week and half i stopped taking the percocet and took only the montrin


    Happy Halloween!! I am ttc.. i was on this thread last month and when i got my bfn I got really depressed and came close to giving up. Well I am not giving up and I am back!! I am due for af the 7th. But i think i ovulated a few days early. I am hoping this month will be my month and everyone elses. Me and my husband are wanting a third child soooo bad. I am only having two symptoms and that is gas and severe tirdness
    I can barely keeo my eyes open by two in the afternoon. I hope all gets their bfp!! Baby dust to all!!



    hehe sooo glad you all liked the ‘pregnancy-test’ i thought it was kind of funny its 7:28pm here and Mckenzie is in bed whilst the older 3 have settled upstairs watching a film, steve finally reading his paper and im catching up on here, im just hoping and praying these cramps go off, they have been on and off all day x


    Thank you soooooo very much!! after a total of a year and six months of being ttc me and my DH are beyond thrilled!! I was so worried it wasn’t going to ever happen. Its weird right after i joined this site i got pregnant!! I was on this site back in 2008 for my sons whole pregnancy and for my daughter in 2007!! I wasn’t ttc with them though.. good luck to you and everyone trying and lots and lots of baby dust!!


    had a call from docs, pregnancy is a big fat NEGATIVEEEE!!! where the hell is my AF then?? how cum on friday i had a bit of spotting, have mega bad backache, sore BBs and feel sick????. i did have a negative blood test with my DD maybe its the same this time round too, i could just cry right about now!! 🙁


    Tested today with a dollar store test and BFN 🙁 but I am only 9 DPO so still a bit early. I am not gettin my hopes up….. But fingers are still crossed. Congrats Jade hopefully the line gets darker and darker! Congrats trulyblessed

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