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    xxxgoodluck boyoboy x



    Well, I know this isn’t my month because hubby was only home one day during ovulation time and I’m not having any symptoms that make me think that we caught it.. Hubby will be gone again until the 15th so keeping busy and getting ready for Christmas 🙂 Ready for January… Time to start a new year!!



    fallen lol they are idiots, maybe if they spent that money on tryiong to fix/slow down global warming we wouldnt have to colonize on the moon, hteres not even oxygen there so how would that work lol



    Hi Jennifer – how old is your first? I’m also ttc no 2, my DD is 14 months.. Good luck to you!! Terriann – sorry you aren’t feeling well, hopefully it’s a good sign!!? :-). Baby dust to everyone! x



    hi goaliegirl, congrates luvababe good news again, and duffy give it two days I reckon you will have it by then.



    My cervix was high soft and closed when pregnant with my daughters xx



    @ LKDream I know, hubby’s in the miltary so we move every 3 years, bit of a pain plus have the worry of not knowing anyone so will have to get down to the local mums and tots groups and meet new people. @ Minibub FX for sun @ Baby sorry hope its not your AF @ Sunflower are you doing a HPT tomorrow sounds promising @ Kirsty bloody men jump him in the morning FX you might still catch that egg.



    I have a question ladies? Is it possible to ovulate and have a negative OPK. My OPK’s were positive CD 12, 13, 14, and 15, 16, 17(today) was negative but I’m having mild cramps… I think I’m ovulating today?? So Confused 0_o



    bug-what cd are you?


    This is the first month trying for us… Hoping for lots of baby sticky dust! Sounds like you ladies are set!!! Tomorrow ends my Window so we shall she what the 2WW brings 🙂



    I love coming on here and seeing BFPs!!! A BIG congrats OurSpringBaby and Shez!!!!! Hope you have a happy healthy 9 months 😀 6 DPO for me.. experiencing some pretty painful lower abdominal cramping, wondering if its my IBS or implantation maybe? Ibs pain is usually higher, so, I will see. Another week before testing 🙁 waaaaaaaa



    cd14 got tons of EWCMtoday this is my first time ever noticing ewcm even though I have a 16 month old! i’m so excited, we bd right after I noticed it so far we bd cd 11 13 and 14.. I really feel liek i’ll o soon i lalways get real tired around o time, and boobs hurt lol, so praying i o this weekend I htink it’ll be sunday, we’ll see!



    You usually ovulate about 14 days before AF arrives. so with a 32 day cycle that is why you are estimated to ovulate on CD 18 Beck. Being only CD 15 now, you can get a few more sessions of BD in between now and CD 20 and cover your bases.



    Ive been able to conceive a few times and now have 2 daughters. I would like one more, but it seems this is the worst it’s been. I need to ovulate! I’m making an appointment with my obgyn tomorrow and will see what she thinks the best route will be. I was diagnosed when I was about 16 and have always had irregular periods… coming every 3 months or so. Ultrasounds show polycystic ovaries and my hormones are all over the place. Ive never tried clomid or anything like that, so I guess we’ll see.



    i don’t really want to stop yet, if it was a choice between conceiving now or BF then I would just keep BF but I was kind of hoping I could have both!!! I thought that once she stopped night feeds AF would return I have had lots of crampy feelings but nothing more. It’s ok really I just wanted them to be really close in age but I don’t have anything to work with till AF returns 🙁

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