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    lol, it’s an anniversary of sorts for me today – I joined this site 500 days ago ; P just noticed that on my profile page



    well ladies im off to bed, so im sure ill speak to you all tomorrow at some point 🙂 babydust!


    cherry- have gotten used to seeing BFN do you know of any tests that can are more sensitive?



    Thanks Di- the 2ww is so hard! lol


    yes diane im going to make an appt


    katiea ~~ Nope not here lol! Just making sure it wasn’t a brand i used! Hope it is your BFP!!! Keep us posted!!



    an9ela, sorry you had to endure a m/c… it’s so hard to hear that from so many ladies, just not fair – but hoping you’ll have a healthy pregnancy soon!



    LOL DI – iv still got about 30 OPKs lol i held my pee for about 2-3hrs & didnt drink much at all…only a cup of tea at the start of the 2-3hrs…i might test last thing tonight but will drink plenty until then…….to make sure im fully hydrated for ttc 🙂 – i was jst shocked that the line wasnt even the same as this mornings but it was a lot lighter…..



    phoenix – with DD i was so paranoid that i rented a baby dopler (got it on line) for 3 months so i could listen to hear little heart beat every day. everything was fine of course but it made me feel better b/c she never moved too much HAHA she sure makes up for that now, she is all over the place into everything



    I should mention that I also started dieting and exercise on the 1st and have had rapid weight loss. Someone told me that could mess up my cycles too.



    lol. diane- i might.



    Allie – Welcome I hope your stay in TTC is short and you get your BFP very soon. Meganh – Im so sorry love!!! mommytojude – Ughh that stinks but try and stay positibe as best as you can!!! Easier said than done I know!!! babedci – I am testing tomorrow…But it was a BFN for me this morning at 11dpo…ughhh Candi – Welcome I hope your stay is short!!! So sorry for any BFN or AF…booo hiss!!!


    Thats a good sign cpalmer so i have been told



    marion i want to know that too!! can u explain why LP is important???xx



    Hi Ladies!! I haven’t had a chance to catch up yet so I don’t know if there’s been any BFP’s, I hope so!! Just got back from my interview with the staffing company. Went really well so I hope a job comes around soon. It was crazy though getting ready this morning and having to drop my son off at daycare. I kept thinking, this is what it’s going to be like every morning!! I’m excited though and I think we’re ready. He cried at first but they said it didn’t last long. Poor guy, new place, new people, mommy gone!! He’s resting now though! Anyway, Diane your son is walking??? He’s around the same age as my boy…when did he start walking?? That’s awesome!! Well here’s to many BFP’s!!!!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 109,111 through 109,125 (of 131,346 total)

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