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    So I am confused…this month af was 2 days late..I should have started on 10/5 but started on 10/7….I ovulated the normal same time frame that I did last month and the month before…on the 23rd I had cramps on one side and thought ok that is the side i released the egg from….well last night I got the same pains it was a little more intense but generally the same…is it possible that I O’d twice this month…I mean does that sort of thing happen??



    I just use a digital thermo. and take my temp via my mouth at the same time each day after 3 hrs of sleep (I usually take it at 5am as that is when hubby goes to work)



    Damnkat, good luck with ur procedure. Just keep in mind, bc they will use a sort of liquid bandage thing, at least that’s what I had years ago…it will start to stink so when u shower, put a little baking soda in your hand, lather it up and use as soap. It will eliminate the smell.



    ugh! im soo bloated!!!!!



    Yep, I did those tests around 2pm. 🙂



    CD 11 for me today! I’ve BD’ed now CD 7, 9, and 10. Haven’t gotten a positive OPK yet but the CM has started. It’s weird … this month I’m not stressing about the BD’ing. It’s my DH that wants it!!! Usually *I’m* the one bugging him. LOL! I’m so sorry to hear about the BFN’s and AF. I know exactly how you feel. This is my 8th month TTC. I’ve had 3 early m/c and a couple months of nothing. Hopefully my cycle returns normal as I don’t think I even had an egg last month. Good luck to everyone!!! xoxoxo



    Thanks everyone!!!! Its still so surreal, I could do with a few of you to move into the next forum so come on all you bfp’s that are waiting in the wings!!
    AGAPE – I tested on Sat at 10dpo and it was bfn. I really thought I was out this month as no symptoms and normal period pains, my cervix isnt where it should be and Ive lost a couple of pounds instead of gaining so keep believeing – youre still in with a chance!!



    af is supposed to come sunday



    thanks frenchie! i hope you guys caught the egg too 🙂 i have been very lucky in the past with getting pregnant very quickly so i hope it happens like that again. i was convinced though that we got it this time. ah well more bd to be done then!!!



    I’m gonna give it a few days…don’t wanna see that BFN



    hello ladies.well late this afternoon i’ve began having the horrible symptom’s of a ‘Yeast Infection’. Well atleast i think that’s what’s happening,i’ve only ever had the one !!! I’ve also been really really gassy all of a sudden (sorry for the tmi). I definately think Af is going to make her arrival !!



    Yeh I hate waiting 🙁 thanks.



    HI peeps need some advice, If i am not pregnant is there some thing really bad wrong with me. I am 7 days late for AF, i was getting the usual bloating and cramping before AF comes and that has now subsided. I am emotional, tired, thirsty, peeing a lot 2, I have excessive saliva, i feel as though there is a weight that moves around in my stomach and i feel as though i am 6 mths preg, my breasts are not sore they are a bit heavy and i get twinging pain like sensation at times in my breasts. I also have at times a pin pricking pain near my naval and i have a hardened stomach near my ribs (hence when i said i feel as though i am 6 mths preg) I went for a blood test last night and should get results today. I am so confused i guess because i dont think my partner is happy. any advice or support from all you guys will be great. When i get my results today i will alone, i have no one here. Just me and my lil daughter. 🙁


    left83 – you would think if you asked for a blood test they would just give you one! That is weird!!


    fx keep prayin Mommy2one! IDK what to do about mine! Gettin closer and closer to buyin a FRER! Esp since I was nauseous at 6am and at 3pm! Just wanna be sure I can take it if I find out… I’m doing my 1st Tgiving day after tmw and I don’t wanna be throwin up everywhere bc I found out lol… must refrain from the FRER! (but if I go to Dollar General… nooo I gotta go to Kmart tmw! Yeah I’m giving in *sigh!*)

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