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    thanks ladies!



    OK so I am a little new to this whole monitering cm and stuff and I am a little confused. I was wet at certain points yesterday and the day before. Hubby was too tired the first night and fell asleep before we could BD and last night he drank. Today not feeling so wet. Had some stretchy CM taken right from the cervix this morning and when I checked just now it was just kinda creamy but not too much there. did I miss the boat? I will be so sad if I did 🙁 My cycles are so long and we were going every 2nd day but now we have missed 4. I just asked him to go shower so when our 3 year old goes to bed we can get to buisness and he said he doesn’t need to do things right when I tell him and is now falling asleep on the couch again.



    hahahaha, princess, that’s halarious, pretty sure the idea of sleep would turn my DH on too!



    thanks everyone for the congrats xxxxxx i’ll keep you all posted as to the dates and so forth. i’ll be stalking these pages for a while anyway 🙂


    kim- he’s an aviation mechanic….he reenlisted for 3 more years so he can go to college while having a nice income and then he’s gonna have his phd in pharmacy. what about yours


    hey ladies 🙂 look at the BFPS coming along, keep them coming ladies as that gives me hope then lol, ive had a lovely weekend, me and DH have decorated our lounge/living room. re arranged our bedroom and put our xmas tree up, been a lovely weekend and now its monday again.. booo… nothing new to report, one more dsy of provera to take, and then waiting for a AF and then back on Clomid….. have a lovely day x



    Congrats 2t!!!!!!!!!!



    I have no more symptoms and got a BFN this morning. I was a good girl and didn’t buy a FRER, instead I bought a BBT thermometer. Good luck to those testing soon and those trying to catch an egg soon!



    oh wow!! i’m in el paso too!!



    Cd 1 🙁



    okay it is going to be a really long day if my head keeps killing me like this…ug


    I also need to know I just took antic with my iPhone how do I put it on here?



    Well, I started testing on Wednesday the 19th and the line seems to be getting lighter. Does that mean I missed the surge? Wednesday was only day 11 of my cycle but I just came off birth control pills, I may have ovulated sooner. I missed two pills once and got pregnant with my son in 2000!. I my husband and I had sex on day 6 and day 10 so maybe we covered it if it were an early ovulation? This is my first time TTC, the first two were surprises 🙂



    Morning all! Cd26/29 for me. I had cramping last night and this morning feel like I’m getting my period. So I guess either way I’ll be preg or not!! Dr appt today just to get on her books not really sure what I’m going to get her to do. I guess I could get bloodes taken. But I have 3 days to go until AF shows the test I did this morning was bfn so I’m still in the game!!



    Lol diane

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