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    Supermama-it looks negative to me. Did you skip CD 11-14? You may have gotten a pos days ago or maybe getting a positive tomorrow. Just keep BDing



    8dpo today


    bjorge-i cant answer ur Q but sure aome one in here can, or how about posting ur Q in the question section so people that have recently just got a BFP can help relate to the sy,toms 🙂 GL



    Omg! thanks for that lilpigz. my neice just had twins on Sunday & one died 3 hours later due to anencephalopathy. So sad 🙁 but on the bright side, the other twin is leaving the NICU soon & doing very well



    ALICIA – Have you ever tested on the day that you actually ovulated? Thats what I did because I didn’t know about the tests until then and no line showed up. At least that is when my computer and my app on my phone said I was most fertile. Who knows. SUPERMAMA – I agree with rachele, just do it yourself. When Enrique thinks he is under pressure he doesnt think it is as special, and sometimes doesnt preform as well…. AGUMMYBEAR – What do you take? We want to try for a girl too because our first was a boy.



    k, i have an appt tomorrow afternoon!! i probably wont know for sure whats goin on until my u/s next month tho 🙁



    cd9 and I am feeling totally impatient. How can the entire month be excrutiating?


    Hi cherry how are you ?



    hi ladies my parter and i are ttc baby number 2and are just starting our 1st cycle i dont come on very often cause i only can use my phone but would love to follow u ladies in ur ttc journey so pls feel free to msg me or to be friends i will get back to u asap good luck ladies loads of baby dust ur way



    morning girls!!!



    Hi ladies I’ve been ttc for 7 years now, but this year I think I want to check it up what happen to me. I went to a Chinese Dr today and he said im cold in my abdomen area so he gave me this herb pills to warm up my abdomen area. I told him my period is not every month and on last Oct i had this super super heavy period and last for 5 days. He said that was a miscarriage. So cross our fingers hope he’s right I’m gonna check up to the dr as soon as my husbands ins kicks in…..



    Ms. Abbott (aka browneyedgirl 😉 I just had a look see – HPTs are funny things in that they can stress us out if we take them to determine how the pregnancy is doing… the dye does not ‘double’ with our hCG, so it can freak us out. True, some women get super dark lines on FRERs from 12 DPO, but implantation might have happened super early for them, or there might have been more dye in their test. hCG also has a huge range of normal. Anywhere from 5 – 1000 between week 4 – 5 is common. Every website with ‘normal’ hCG ranges will tell you something different! Blood work is the only way to know your hCG is ‘doubling’ but I’d say your bean is sticking just fine! 🙂



    Congrats ladies I’m so happy for you.



    ias – definately give him a break, tomorrow is perfect as you ovulate 12 -48 hours after your posiive opk and sperm will live for up 2-3 days so that is why you have such a wide fertile window. You will cover it perfectly if you BD in the morning.
    Good luck and baby dust.



    Since I have a regular period and i’m 11 days late with two negative test….there really isn’t a big chance I’m pregnant..right? If I was im sure it would have picked up on the test. Last time I was pregnant I found out at the DR because my period was like two weeks late and I was cramping. I thought I was unable to get pregnant so I never even took a HPT. Hmmm…I don’t know what to think

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