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    Christine G- We’ll be testing buddies again YAY!!! Pos OPK’s yesterday at 2pm and 8pm and still pos at 4am this morning. I have BD’d the last 4 days straight and will again today. If we don’t catch this bloody egg, I’m going to drown it lol!



    I am still BF, but my body went back to normal a few months after having him. If you haven’t already, introduce the sippy cup and see if he gets more interested in that. On another note, 7-8dpo and couldn’t help but test. BFN. I know it’s still early but…URGH. I’d been crampy and bloaty for days..Starting to think this might not be it after all. If it didn’t accidentally happen this month, then we’re done 🙁



    CD23 today and getting mega heartburn, slight nausea anyone else feel this way??


    My period lately has been weird. It seems like my body is switching it up on me. For the first time every it only lasted 6 days and not 7. My cycle is around 30-33 and was normally 28-30. I have an app to help me ttc and t auto counts my ovulation. I texted today and got a bfn but I think I’m like a week early so Im trying to let my anger go. I get so down about things and it’s not healthy! I just really pray that is our month!!! SENDING BFP DUST TO EVERYONE!!


    THANX StewartsWife! && Lissie…yeah I know my doc wants to do whats best for me. But Im gonna be on the pill and wont be able to get pregnant until I get off lol. Its even more time…but with a regulated period hopefully I can succesfully chart my cycle. Did you get pregnant after you took BC?



    Taylor- I’m not really sure when af is due. I had the d&c on feb. 23rd though… So imbot sure if to expect a regular period? Longer one or shorter…



    thanks C, though I’m positive this next hour will take forever. We haven’t gone out yet this year, camping or anything, so sad, we aren’t boat owners (yet) it’s DH’s buddies boat, good friend to have 🙂 We would love a boat but finances certainly don’t allow that kinda purchase for years to come.


    Hi ya ladies hope all is well. Can finally say AF Haa left the building so on to the next month. Please let this be it. Please please please. Xx



    oh that’s such a cute pic of ur DH and DS! My DD is 26 mths now, I dont know why I thought they were the same age..shes too much..talking a lot I freaked cuz I was trying ot get her to nap and she sang the whoel ABC song, and twinkle twinkle..I miss so much when Im at work 🙁



    Mel578 – Good for you, my dh has been a busy man…maybe tomorrow for us. I am not drinking any caffeine today so that little egg can travel far and get caught. Still waiting for my positive opk and I forgot to temp this morning…darn it!



    Sho – they can come on fast. Have you ever gotten a cyst or blister on the inside of your cheeks, or tongue, or gums? Those things can come on in a matter of hours, and hurt like the devil! Vagina wall is the same type of environment – soft tissue that is easy to get a blister, cyst or ulcer on.



    CD3 and it seems like af is sloowing down kind of early. I dont know whats up with her. I think since this is suppose to be our last month trying, i wanna try the BBT thing. When should I start and during what time of day should I do it? I will not be using OPK though, just BBT and CM check. Please guide me ladies, I thinik we were really close last month.



    Inside comment lol.



    So ladies, Im here from week 5 and I say my little bean for the first time yesturday. Its an amazing thing! I just wanted to let you know how odd this was. my last cycle started february 28th. I ovulated (estimated) march 14th but didnt have implantation until march 23th! Now that being said, I didnt ghad 12 BFN from when I thought I had ovulated to the day after my period was suppsed to start. I figured I wasnt pregnant since the HCG would have shown up the I was supposed to start. Then a week alter (the day before easter) I had an extra test. I took just to get it out of the bathroom since I was heartbroken. I didnt even look at the results because I knoew it was a BFN. but an hour later as I was dying my hair I noticed in the garbage it looked….positive.. Oh dear! That cant be right. So I took 4 more, over a four day time, had 3 beta tests done and 2 ultrasounds and its still not wrapped around my head… BFP. Trust your instincts! lol



    no mama, you got us wrong. It wasnt the actual spelling, its the style of writing, you know, all the different ways of changing words like in a text. Its all too modern for me, all the younger people seem to use it and i cant figure it out!

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