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    She was that TTCOURFIRST girl



    luv – Are there any other docs in the office that you can consult with? Or can you push to rush the labs, given the circumstances? I really hope they will take care of you!



    LaSal – It’s sounding very promising! I believe that light cramping is promising for pregnancy and very normal. I’m hoping this is your month! 🙂



    I had the mirena out August 1 2013 bled for a few days then got my period a few weeks later , got my bfp on the 17th September but lost our little one on 1st oct , I believe it was due to the mirena messing with my lining , still TTC since , I’m taking multi vitamins for TTC , hubby’s also taking multi vits for TTC and I’m going to get some baby asprin. We vary between DTD everyday and every other day so as to just enjoy it and not presssure ourselves .. Hi Felishamarie I’m still here 🙂



    Justine, I am praying that it is just a formality and all is well.



    I dunno, I had read that but my pg test was negative… So I was thinking maybe I was not ovulating… So I’m not sure yet! I’m gonna try to hold out til Saturday unless af shows



    and AF ..arrived FULL FORCE…im not sad im pissssed b.c she def played some games before she decided to come >:O



    Well as of today my opk is negative again…after being very positive for about 3 days.the only conclusion I can come to is that I ovulated very late for some reason.still no sign of af and im on cycle day 35.this did happen to me once at the beginning of febuary and it freaked me came on cycle day 35.i stopped taking the pill in December though and I was on a stronger type and on it for 2 thinking maybe its just taking a few months for my cycles to completely regulate and return to normal as they used to be.i hate not understanding this and of course with ttc it had me emotional all yesterday.



    For those you just got their BFP, was there any sign before hand that lead you to believe you were pg. ( congrats by the way) I’m a couple days away from officallly testing, and can’t tell if my symptoms are in my head or really there.



    Hahaha. There are always some questionable pics in the photo sections, no idea why. There are pictures of a dude on there too with like women’s panties on the outside of his pants lol. Who really has time to do something like that? They get re-posted all the time too, I swear the guy has been stuck at like 36 weeks pregnant for 2 years!



    Good afternoon Ladies – congratulations to Faith-Star-x. Being back at work is going to help me I think as I am too busy to worry about testing – T-4days!!!



    Hey still around.feeling a bit defeated with ttc so I have been more quiet and trying not to get too excited about 8dpo



    CD 2 and 5 more days to go until I the BD continues I am a going to pray and hope that this will be my month. One of my goal is have at least one child before I hit 25



    No my AF are pretty regular til this month



    Blah S. sorry to hear that AF is prepping to arrive, but that would be neat to have a due date close to hubby’s b-day!

Viewing 15 posts - 10,921 through 10,935 (of 131,346 total)

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