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    I tested with Clearblue yesterday.. didn’t use FMU & got a BFN! :'( I’m so sad. AF due tomorrow. not motivated to test. no symptoms really, just upset because this is like our 3rd month ‘trying’. anyone recommend me asking my GYN about any particular fertility drugs? I’m losing hope now. FML.. DH still is happy & wants to keep on trying. idk.. on a brighter note congrats on all of the BFPs! I wish you all H&H pregnancies.



    Ah alicia pitty there isnt any type of cream for that type of Hemorrhoid, what a pain in the a*s*…i would also del her of all fb and have him del her mobile number and ignore all texts and contact,, its pretty pathetic but some girls feed off the retaliation and the fact they are firing somone up…and he isn’t being mean if he ignores her…hope she disapears…


    girl from ab i tested with a dollar store test 4 days ago and it was bfn and now its bfp so ur still not out!!



    TTC – On 50mg I experienced a few nasty headaches during the days I was actually taking it and then VERY mild nausea off and on throughout the month and EXTREME b*tchiness all month long! 100mg I actually had LESS b*tchiness and LESS headaches, but a LOT worse nausea! I’ve almost gotten sick a few times just randomly. It’s just like morning sickness for me this month.



    Still extremely exhausted. GRRR… Today experiencing a little bit of nausea drank water this morning and drinking my coffee and my tummy isn’t right.. .I really hope this is something and not all in my head.. So, we will see… not getting excited just yet! COME ON FRIDAY!!!



    As for me I drop everything checking on BBT and CP. And do the normal BDing and this is much better for me ‘FOR ME’ coz I am not that much stressed now.


    terriann- so what days are ‘we’ fertile then?? What day do I have to tie hubby to the bed?



    Mommy to Jude- Ok so it’s still Tues right? LOL I concurr with an early night, me too! So when are you getting the test done? I thought back in 03-4 my hubby should as well and then magically we had Dilana in 06. Is it wrong to think it might be him and not just me? I mean, I was able to get pregerrs like no tomorrow in my past. My son is from my x, but he doesn’t know:) This is just really hard to grasp. Glad I’m not the only one:) G/L Doll. Keep us posted.



    Hard cervix is preparation for af xx



    My step dads a pom and we always have xmas day with his family and there so much yummy food 🙂 and they love there pawns to so its the only time of year we eat them haha


    and4eva yes, depending on what type of OPK you’re using. The ones which detect an LH surge (lutenizing hormone that increases 24-72 hours prior to ovulation) then it would usually read negative on the day of Ovulation and possibly the day before as well. I got a + 3 days before ovulation as well as 2 days before. Good luck! xx



    CD24 but I believe implantation may have just occured yesterday and if I believe correctly HCG doesn’t start producing until Implanation occurs??



    Alivia.and.Sophie–Good luck!!!


    So I have had some really bad hip pain the last day or so….could this be a good sign?? AF is due Thursday, I hope she doesn’t show!!



    I’m so confused~! AF only ended up being about an hour to hour and a half of spotting. Nothing more. Dry as a bone today and overnight. Test is saying negative (but I didnt take it this morning). Is it really importatn to take with 1st morn urine? I knwo u can get a false pos..can u get a false negative?! Help!

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