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    jenny, I never use the digital OPKS as I hate them, I have never got a +ve with them. BUT you may have caught your LH surge on the way up and down with the first response and your surge may have gone by the time you used the clear blue



    Metal: yes, mine get very sore sometimes. I am still nursing my 21 month old and she is nursing more offer since she is cutting molars. Even when not nursing, I recall certain times they would be unbearably chafed/sore. Must be hormonal. But they get to the ‘do not touch’ stage!



    I finally got my OPK tests today!! Of course I had to try them out so at 4pm I tested and it was negative. They took less than a week to get here!!


    I had my IUD removed in May 2013 and started on bc pills. It seemed like I had my period a few days after while on the pill but after it left didn’t have another one even though I took the pills that are supposed to give you a period or whatever. I recently quit taking my bc pills had some bleeding for a few hours one day and still haven’t had anything else. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this?



    i thought ok maybe i peed in the window part where the lines show, but ive done that before, and the instructions even say it wont affect the test. so what then!! even now, almost 30 minutes later, still blank…



    Ttcfamilylove, the digital test are usually 100 or higher for finding the level of hcg. Buy an frer today! They measure it at 25!!! Its too early for me to test, so im waiting on other ladies bfps! Good luck!



    Lc, im guessing ill proberly O around cd 18 again. I but iv been waiting for this brown spotting to go away so we can start bding. Im really ganna try and get active this cycle I don’t wanna miss anything



    nixsa: last time I got my very faint BFP 10dpo and took the one that confirmed with words 11dpo and it was a go… but I was very impatient and bought a bunch of the strip tests and took them like morning and night everyday lol… which I will most likely do again cause I just want to know



    @jessie – iv heard that its best to BD in the AM so that last 3 times me & DH have made sure its been in the morning, hopefully that will do the trick!! 🙂


    6dpo here and i swear my areolas are darker and ive had (tmi) gas and burping (if im not prego then im embarressed now hahaha) and im also on and off nauseated. asked my hunny about my coloring and he said maybe. hahaha for a guy who looks at my boobs a lot u would think he’d know!



    I just resized (third try worked! I am terrible with photobucket) … I am still not convinced, as I have seen these types of tests give coloured evap lines before (CPalmer has had them, and I did a couple of experiments with them and got faint lines before too) … so until tomorrow’s test, I won’t be counting any chickens before they hatch! Eeyore, hun, I just wish that I could get pregnant and stay pregnant, and then I would never have to have known that I can ‘get pregnant’ fairly quickly.



    InGodstime: your post was so selfless and that is so kind of you to pray that others get their bfp even before you do. I hope He has it in store for you very soon! Thanks



    Last month I swear I had *pregnancy symptoms* (they weren’t) not this month, yet anyway. I’m pretty sure my mind tricks my into these symptoms only to get my hopes up!! I hope yours mean your going to get your BFP Mommyx2!



    Cd30 today. If af doesnt arrive, i am going to wait til saturday to buy a test.



    4ttc- I Think everyone feels this way on this site because a comment can come on this screen and be on the next page soo fast that maybe the ladies who did read it didn’t have your answer? I know I’ve felt this way a lot but also gotten a lot of advise!!! IT is helpful if you lend out support as well!!!

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