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    Jamie86 I am on CD 18 and been spotting on and off since AF has ended too. I just got my positive OPK on my 3rd test today so surge is just starting. Of course I would ovulate this weekend. I have a 1,3 and 9 year old of my own, and a 13 yr old therapeutic foster daughter. Plus I am providing respite for a 5 yr old therapeutic/ medically fragile foster child till Monday. Full house so BD’ing is def going to be tricky. DH and I did get to BD last night and 2 nights before so even if our efforts today and tomorrow fail we did get to bd 2 and 4 days before ovulation. KMFX we catch the egg and things go well. Hello TTW!



    I work for a global computer networking company as the Credit Manager for UK and Ireland, and the Credit Specialist for UK, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Czech, Poland and Hungary. Its a really tough job as I am responsible for hundreds of millions of $$$$ . In the current climate, its REALLY worrying I will make the wrong decision!! What do you do?


    jen – early in my first pregnancy I had a vaginal ultrasound due to some bleeding. They didn’t find any reason for it at that time (6.5 weeks or so) but when I went back at 12 weeks that ultrasound showed a blood clot in my uterus that could have been the reason for blood.



    @ryskay yeah that is about the time I really started enjoying pregnancy! Up until 38 weeks was great! Now my dd is 1 1/2 and we’re going for baby #2. I’m on my 2nd month TTC, and hoping AF doesn’t show on the 29th but we’ll see! Do you know what you’re having yet?



    have the stroller and car seat to that set. I have a boy and am 9wk now. And plan to use it even if I have a girl. It is a neat looking set. And great exercise when pregnant is water aerobics. I did that with my second pregnancy and labor with her was easy. And I really mean easy. I am taking it again with this pregnancy. It is easy on your body. I even lost all my pregnancy weight after I had her. Try it out. Baby dust to all of you.



    has anyone had my symptoms and ended up pregnant???


    Momof2: My preggo brain is confused. I read your post right you started on 6/7/09. If I add the usual 28 days to that it puts you at around July 5th for af to arrive again. Give or take a few days either way. I think.



    I had to test this morning and of course it was to early-I know-but it was a BFN! I am CD9.



    have you been drinking again Rooey lol (joke)



    Jakesmommy- My little girl is turning one on the Sunday!! What are you plans as far as that?



    after the HPTs being negative i said screw it and went and got my blood taken today….i should find out tomorrow….are any of you planning on getting a blood test soon?



    Congratulations to Val and klasnaya!! Wishing you both safe and happy pregnancies. Mommyx2 – fingers crossed for you. I am 12DPO and expecting AF today if LP stays at 11 days. Nothing yet though but not getting my hopes up that she won’t show either. I never get any AF symptoms until after she shows up (I usually get one day of lower back ache then) and I have no pregnancy symptoms either. It’s a waiting game.



    lol when we were younger we could wait to get our periods and now we dread when they come funny huh



    Congratulations Babyview and em2!!! Maybe wannab and myself will be the next ones!!!! Wish us luck :))))) Love all our cheerleaders



    CD11 of a 29 day cycle here… night ladies it is getting late here in germany..*s*

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