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    Wow – lots of new names!! February should be a month full of BFPs at this rate! Welcome ladies, and good luck!!



    That is baby dust that is sticky AND dust for a sticky baby!!!!!!



    Thanks for the comfort ladies, much appreciated. It was an odd cycle, and perhaps I did ovulate a little early and just had a slow temp rise. I think this month I am going to try an even fresher diet and really cut back on the sugars and gluten. I would say I will be trying Clomid by March.



    taz-I’m very sorry to hear that. So your hpt’s were negative? Actually, that’s what I’m afraid of. I saw Dr a few months back, he ran blood work for a fertitlity work up since I’m officially ‘infertile’ but I knew then my cycles were longer and instead of scheduling blood tests for longer cycles he automatically put me on a 28 day cycle and said I wasn’t ovulating…we’ll see.



    C and P- he is going to be stoked!!! Congrats!!!


    Sooooo….I dont really believe in this stuff-went as a favour for a friend. We went to a Psycic today. She was scary bang on a few things. didnt say much about my fertility issues(nor did I offer) BUT what she did say, is she sees me in great health and that I was taking pills, and it will be short term under 6 months that I will be doing this………so I thought it was interesting.



    Anyone on CD 10



    Tara – that is WONDERFUL!!! many congratulations x



    I’m due to AF tues got a bfn with the best early predictor. No kidding myself for me AF will be here 🙁



    i have been told now, well it says on my page i can now test in 4 days, seems to have gone way too quick this month,


    Hmm, I had the last month, My AF was just a few days earlier than expected when I saw it. Let’s hope thats not the case for you, think ++Positive++, could be implantation spotting, I looked it up it can be brown or pink in color.



    Nat–you are hilarious girlie!!! From what I have read, sometimes it can take a little while post-O for the cervix to change back to low round and hard. But from everything i read, we have to really track our bodies for a couple of months to really know what it does. Hopefully, we won’t have to **wink, wink**. Sometimes our CP isn’t high, soft and wet until after a BFP sometimes before. Keep checking it out.



    Congrats to all the BFP’s lately!! Sticky 9 months baby dust to you all!!



    well, I am pretty impressed with my body (not in a OMG I fancy myself kind of way) but for the first time this month I have been observing my CP and CM just out of interest and my CM is working in text book style. I had a couple of days dry. A couple of days lotion, and this morning I think its starting to change into EWCM!! How cool is that? I am on CD12, we are going for the every other day approach this month, so its BD time tonight 🙂



    How do you work out DPO? I am CD22.

Viewing 15 posts - 109,471 through 109,485 (of 131,346 total)

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