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    Also, is it just a lube?



    I am so happy to announce that after 13 months of TTC, I finally got my BFP today!! I am so happy!



    Good morning ladies. Congrats mommi to abi!! Happy & Healthy 9 months to you!! I need to share something with you; sorry this is going to be a long post. Saturday morning I went to get some vegetables from my vegetable garden. My little girl, she is now 18 months, was playing on the lawn. After I got the veggies I wanted to wash it in a bucket outside, it was full of mud. I fetched a bucket and went to the tap outside my house. When I opened the tap it was electrified. You know what happens with muscles when it gets such ‘n high load of electricity. It contracts your muscles, so my hand that opened the tap contracted around the tap. The electricity kicked me back from the house, still with the tap in my hand and it pulled the water pipe and brackets from the wall. I fell on the ground and the dog’s water bucket fell over me. I was lying there on the ground shocking and I couldn’t do anything. My DD was screaming while she watched me, the dogs came running over to me. I couldn’t do anything I was just there lying while I was being shocked. My brain told my hand to open but it couldn’t…. My DH was at work and would come home in about 2 hour’s time, but I knew for sure I would be dead by that time. I was thinking about lots of things… my baby was watching me die, that was the worst. I don’t know for how long it lasted, it was about 40-60 seconds I think. And then suddenly the electricity stopped. I suppose it tripped somewhere. I just jumped up and ran to my baby and I held her close. I cried and cried…. You wouldn’t believe how I felt. I can’t stop trembling, my muscles are VERY stiff. I’m just SO HAPPY TO BE ALIVE. I also just want to know what do you think, I was supposed to O last week, I didn’t use any OPK’s but we did BD every 2nd day. If I did catch the eggie, do you think there will be coming something from it? I don’t know if it could survive the huge electricity shock. O and my DH isn’t even supportive. He says I must just stop to think about what happened. Sorry for the long post!!



    Teri it sure is!!! And idk for sure if this is a sign but i went to my mother in laws she asked if id been outside and i hadnt maybe the ‘glowing’ ive heard about 🙂 im just so hoping…im rediculous lol!



    Hey Ladies, how is everyone? Uber tired over here, considering putting my head down on my desk for just a ….. quick……minute….zzz



    Poas this morning and the line was a little darker 🙂 just got my blood drawn.. will find out in a few if it doubled ! So nervous, but more excited now that the line was a little darker!!



    amanda,, that sounds a little suss hey,, for your sake im hoping its not faulty and its a bfp!! i had a very faint pink line at 8dpo…agree with tahliasmum,, maybe another test…also if you link to diane-taketwo page she has her webpage link there which will give you a lot of very useful information on all pregnancy tests,, compare yours to her info…good luck!!



    peachys- I agree with sparky, I reckon best thing to do is be totally honest & say that you know this must be difficult for her so she can be as involved (or not involved) as she wants to be. Tell her that you totally understand how she must be feeling so although you appreciate that she’s been taking an interest in the pregnancy & asking questions, you understand if that is too difficult for her so she shouldn’t feel any pressure to keep talking about it. I’m sure she will just appreciate the fact that you are aware of it & are thinking of her.



    Nicole…We have only been trying a few weeks. We had Justin’s first birthday and I guess that was the kicker…no more baby…onto a big boy! I worry about how hard it will be with 2 little ones (finacially and mentally for me). But, I think if they are close in age, it will be a good thing.



    How is everyone else doing? I am hoping to test this weekend. Hopefully af doesn’t show. Although if I’m not pregnant I really hope she does show. After not having a cycle for so long bc of breast feeding, I still have a fear that I’m not ovulating, even though I’m pretty sure I am.


    Oh one more thing….you guys are going to think I am a nut for writing this one but, I have an English Bulldog and he never tries to get up on the couch with me, he knows he is not allowed. Well ever since about 9-10 dpo he has been trying to lay on the couch with me at night….so weird!! Like I said this never happens, the last time he did this was when I was pregnant with my daughter. Hmmmmm i don’t know???? Thought it might be worth mentioning. 🙂



    still no AF im now 18 dpo thinking ill test this thursday or friday



    yes girl 3 yrs!!!!!
    its been very hard to throw a front. especially when others get their bfp!!!



    Sorry for all the ladies who got a bfn or started af ;( maybe it’s too early for those who got a bfn???? Keep testing ladies! I will only be 8dpo on Friday but thats when I plan to start testing 😉 I pray this is it 🙂 good luck everyone!!!!!!



    Hey Diane, what do you make of my chart?

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