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    sheework- I read on here that BD’ing around ovulation is important but you can get pregnant almost anytime before or after. So I think BD’ing tonight would be super- and besides it is great fun anyway!


    Just to clarify, I wasn’t trying to ruffle feathers, was only curious why not? Mommyx2 I understand the whole holiday thing, my 3 year old has a birthday on November 26th, which this year was on Thanksgiving and yes it is hard to have people over, but I’m sure she doesnt mind celebrating early. I was only shocked that alot of have been TTC for months and years and will skip a month just because of a due date. Though now, I can see a point, but a baby would only make it extra special for me! Baby dust to all!!


    Oh, before I go, I have to share yet another crazy dream from last night:
    I was pregnant, and in labor, the nurses told me to get into the ambulance, they said they were gonna examine me, the used the speculum, then asked me to locate my cervix for them, so i got up, went to a cabinet (in the ambulance??) and said ‘ i dont see my cervix anywhere’…….Then I woke up……..okay, that was weird! Talk to you gals later!


    To Newmom and any others suffering a loss to m/c. I had a miscarriage a few years ago too, I was 13 weeks along though the fetus was found to be 9 weeks and lifeless and I had to get a D&C which happened to be scheduled on my birthday that year. What comforted me most was a chat room of ladies, much like this one, it was a live chat on babycenter (which they dont have anymore this was years ago) But anyways, one of the ladies read me a poem that comforted me. It explained that miscarried babies are god’s angels in training and are too good for this world and each time a women miscarries, a new angel is born, they look down on us and protect the babies and mommies here on earth. I was deeply touched by this and I hope you guys feel comfort in that as well, God bless!!



    Blessed– Have you tested today or this weekend? Are you getting negative tests still? I am now on CD 41 and no sign of AF. I last tested on fri and it came out neg. I am scared to test right now cause I dont want to be depressed for thanksgiving! haha.



    Sorry Astonandme, I thought I answered your question, and did not see your response after mine… Keep testing, and keep BDing! The Creamy CM can be present before ovulation (it starts creamy, then goes watery, then to EWCM) or after (turns creamy after O, then sticky or dry), I always find that type of CM the trickiest to interpret. Keep us posted on your OPK results. ๐Ÿ™‚



    hey blessed– I tested neg this morning, but still no AF


    Doesn’t creamy cm come after o?? I never go ewcm so idk what’s going on. I’m supposedly after o already according to my days.



    Well, I tested this morning with a first response, 12 dpo, but it was definately negative. ๐Ÿ™



    AWWW Diane, sorry for AF ๐Ÿ™ I talked to my DH about the OPK ๐Ÿ™‚ he said i’m a-ok to do it YIPEE!! he said to start it next month though, but in the mean time BD BD BD BD every other day for the whole month. I did your suggestion you made for Whitty about telling her hubby about her expection. I gave him a card saying how I would like to TTC and it will relieve stress from me. He said ‘anything for you baby, we’ll try the OPK’ I’m super happy ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope for BFP this month for me and everyone!! ****baby dust to all**


    Okey so it’s my full third month without AF after going off the pill its official my body is taking its own bluddy time to get back to normal cycles.
    I read that spotting happens between 6-12days after ,,,,,wonder if I can take that in account and try a test some time next week??????? So difficult to estimate without no AF to precise the time of possible pregnancy.
    Goodluck to all the other TTC ladies on here,,,I just check in once a while and get so lost of where the forum’s conversation is at….he he he LOL,
    Lotsa smiles :-))) me



    Sounds promising Sarahnliam! Good luck!



    YAAAAAAYYYYYYY RACH! I am so happy for you! Maybe there is some truth behind your rainbow theory!!!! Unfortuntely, we don’t have many rainbows where I live…so when you see another…xo



    So I am back and did my blog about royal jelly and licorice root sorry it is a long one but hope it covers everything. Happy reading to all who are interested.



    Oooo I might go and have a little peek at it ๐Ÿ™‚ Sooo pleased your tests are getting darker…yippeeee!! You do know you are gonna have to start putting belly pics up now dont you??

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