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    morning girls:5dpo today had a temp rise,yest was 36.6 and today is 36.8.plz plz just keep going up and up. congrats on bfp kondee thats great news. hows everyone else doing??



    Hey everyone! Haven’t been on since my miscarriage in January, but hubby and I decided we are finally ready to try again. I had my paragard removed and I’m on CD 8. Excited. 🙂



    ok so I must go. today is the last day of what was my projected Due date with baby Jonathan and I promised myself I would go to the park and think of him and let myself have a good old cry. thanks for the website Rooey. that is most helpful. x



    Looks like Aunt Flo will be coming tonight or in the morning.. I’m having dull cramps, O’ well maybe next month… Or I might try in Sept.. Since I’m in a wedding in August! Guess we’ll see… until tomorrow!



    Hi everyone, I have not been on her for some time now because TTC was becoming a bit of an obsession. I went to see my Dr who told me to chill out and stop ‘trying’ to get PG. Three months later I am still here and still no BFP. His advice obviously didnt help. He said that as I M/C in May 2008 i was obviously fertile and so was my DH and therefore I had nothing to worry about. I am now on CD 34 and my cycle lengths range from 32 to 38 days. Although I know we had BD twice around the time of ovulation, I am trying not to get my hopes up, as since my m/c we have BD at the right time and no luck. I am holding out that this month my BB have not hurt a week before AF is due. I always get really tender BB a week before and then they go back to normal before AF arrives. Has this happened to anyone else when they have turned out to have a BFP?


    I have a question for all those who Chart Temputures….I have done it in the past, before we got pregnant with our son. We have been TTC for baby #2 for the past 6 months and wondering if I’m ovulating. I’m on CD 6, should I start temping now?


    Well, come to my house and pack for me. lol JK! this lady is supposed to be out by saturday and we still have to put new carpet in, new appliances, and paint every wall in the house!! its 4bdrm and 2 bth!!


    Ladies i have not had a cigarette in 3 days yay!!!! Pat on my back! lol



    Iemommie, my heart hurts for you. I am so sorry. I lost my boy at 19 weeks, its a hard and beautiful journey we have ahead of us. Glad you are feeling able to try again and if u ever need to talk we r here! X



    Kayce, wait until tomorrow to see if the bleeding gets heavier, if not take a test! EWCM can be either AF about to start, or sometimes pregnancy related – good luck to you too!



    Whats new with u Dawn?what CD r u on?



    milliesmummy- Timing is perfect this month!!! I really hope you get your BFP!!! Good luck!!!


    I’ll tell you one thing after having my 2 m/c I do appreciate the symptoms of pg more, I just don’t enjoy them.



    Question: If I wake up really early (like 4am or 5am) should I take my temp then? I usually toss and turn a bit but always get back to sleep? OR do I wait until I usually take it at 6am? I have taken my temp at both time and the difference is quite great. Yesterday at 5am 98.07 (36.71) 6am 98.29 (36.83) . Today 4am 97.89 (36.61) 6am (98.27) 36.82



    thanks nunu….i have convinced myself to go and get more tests today haha

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