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    Barbieworld- I just read your blog…lets keep our fingers crossed! Your period may not shown up for a number of reasons but lets just hope its a little bundle of joy =) Im praying for you mami.



    oh ok. Did you go to bed hella early in ur first pregnancy? Ive been knocking out early


    Good morning ladies!! Hopefully I ovulated this week….lol. Baby dust to all!!!



    Only- wi side of sd side



    I hate weekends, when not in work and all you can think about at the weekend is, is there a baby growing inside me???? does anyone else think about it alot??



    rofl RUBY I understand completely. My DD is the exact same way LOL She sees the tylenol/motri/benedryl/dimetapp bottle and she says ‘medicine..medicine..medicine’ hehe It’s not like I give it to her regularly either!! She was very sick back in January and I alternated everything so I think that’s what causes all her excitement!



    damnkat – Yeah, I hate it that it takes so long fort things to get on track after having a baby. Not that I’m ever ‘on track’, but it would be nice to at least not bleed to death!; Mommy2One – Maybe a late ovulation???; duffy – Congrats on the triphasic chart! I hope it means BFP for you!!!;



    Babysofiad, once you get a smiley (or positive OPK) you will O within 12-48 hours (depending on the test). I have heard as much as 72 hours but I am not sure about that. When in doubt BD like crazy for at least 4 days 🙂



    SCCRJ17-It may be implantation cramps! I’m having slight cramping and ovary twinges. I’m 7dpo today…..and really really praying it’s impantation and not AF coming early or something!



    As far as TTC goes, this month will pretty much be a shot in the dark (no pun intended) … because of the chemical pregnancy last month, my AF was 5 days late… normally I should have started on Feb 8, but did not start until the 12th. My usual 29 day cycle turned into a 34 day cycle. So I have no idea when I will ovulate this month, or if I will ovulate at all. I’m tracking my BBt anyway, just to get used to it if nothing else.



    Stef – thanks I can’t wait! Now I hope O happens ok. Only – you should definitely test again since you have such good symptoms and must be feeling crazy by now. Beans _ I used clearblue OPK this month and got negative OPK with fmu, but then positive around 2pm and positive again around 7pm so you should try a couple of times during the day if you are around O time. With first response OPK last month I got my best positive with fmu so I don’t know. Seeg – that might be a good sign since I heard that OPKs get darker if pg. Wendy – I think my cycle started from the light flow if I go by this + OPK, but that is always confusing to me.



    Phoenix, I agree, whilst I am sitting here with my sensible head on! But in a few days time, when my AF day is approaching I turn into a maniac, and want to test all the time. But I really am thinking about handing over those tests!



    Well, I don’t think August was my month – basal temperature dropped below the coverline today (CD34) so AF is probably well on her way 🙁 Next month is highly unlikely as my husband is going away to the UK for a course the week we should be trying….

    Hope it is going well for everybody else!

    Affinity – congrats on your BFP! And just to put your mind at ease – I had cramps with my son right up to 20 weeks on and off; it was just my uterus adapting 🙂



    morning!! well still spotting here, this is 3 days in a row, wierd. never happens to me. i dont know if it has to do with the evening primrose i am taking but i’m not going to take it anymore. that is the ONLY thing i have done differently this cycle. wierd!!!!!



    Hello everyone, not sure if I am posting this message in the right spot, anyways, I am 31 from South Africa and we have just started trying for a baby. Will be my third, I have two sons who I had over a decade ago. I was just wondering if there are any other over 30 moms who are pregnant or TTC and would like to chat about how its going, wondering how long we will have to try before success. This site is awesome btw , really great…okay….bye for now ( yes, already posted this message in totally the wrong place!! ahahahah )

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