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    so should i go get a test im 2 days late…and the nipps hurt


    I WANNA-nope-been at this for years-if I dont get my bfp 10/11 dpo (I know exactly when I ovulate to the 6 hour) Im out. Also I use the frer 6 days before, and its 5-so it should be picking it up evenif its low. Dont mean to sound like a downer, but this is officially month 30 (in total) so Ive been in this position too many times, I think my ttc days are drawing near 🙁 I will do one more test on Saturday-but the way Im feeling, I pretty much know, thanks though hun!



    well im officially somwhere between 4-7 days late if i chart it from my last few mmonths. Wonder if my Hcg levels are still too low… I’m always hot, and had some cravings, no AF, but no BFP either. I want to know sooo bad.



    Well I didn’t use opks or anything this month because I had a mid-cycle bleed but going from first day of that bleed I usually ovulate day 18 so 18 days. But not that many if I ovulated late! So confused!



    Hello Ladies AF came on yesterday so better luck next time i really tought i could b 6 days late so dis is day2 of my cycle


    Congrats to ALL the new BFP’s this month!!!! …..



    That’s what i was thinking – which would explain why i felt crampy right through from CD 15 to last wednesday. I get blood results tomorrow, as i saw her on wednesday i was planning on also telling her about the CM change ect.



    eve2 i normally test once up until i think O is near & then start testing 2 or sometimes even 3 times a day, jst to make sure i dont miss the surge…..3 times is prob quite excessive but the nearer u get to O day i would maybe add another test in jst incase



    lucky – if you want to learn more about tracking temps and that sort of thing, I have my page full of info to get you started. Tracking temps will show you the temp shift that happens each month when you do ovulate (a great way to confirm you did ovulate)… cervical mucous tends to change through the month, and when you are fertile, it looks like stringy egg white. Drop me a line if you want some tips on websites to look at if you are interested in tracking – or just ask this forum – I’d say about 1/2 of us actively track SOMETHING each month (lol) while the rest just throw caution (and tracking) to the wind and hope for the best – both methods make babies 😉



    naomi- i would say yea just bd before he leaves as much as possible!!! hope it works



    So wierd why I like Bridget its an unusual name but I saw it in a movie and they called her B and thats what my parents call me and her grandma called her honey B and I thought that was so freakin cute


    Hi ladies- I haven’t posted in this forum before, I’m usually in TTCAL, but when I stopped in today I noticed many of you are in the 2ww and due to test around the 28th- I AM TOO!! LoL. So glad you girls are in the waiting game with me, right through the holidays! Good luck to all, hoping for a BFP!



    I’ve been trying to read up on it but keep finding conflicting stories.. lol



    Well Hello Ladies 🙂 It’s been a long time since I’ve posted – so much has gone on… I’m not sure how many of you remember me and my situation, but here’s a quick update – my latest HCG was 280 at 2 months since my miscarriage. Yes, that’s right, I still have HCG and NO AF since I bled from the mc! The Docs are happy to leave me well alone as my HCG is dropping albeit slowly, and I have no pain. I have to go back for another scan on 13/1/11 as I have very large cysts on both ovaries. I have to go for blood work every Monday, and they say once my HCG goes below 10, then my body will go back to my monthly cycles, and I should be a period 4 weeks after. I have been advised notto TTC until after my 2nd AF, so at this rate it’ll be March/April! I’m hating all of this and very down. I’m frustrated that my doc wont D&C to clear my system out, so I can start again, it all seems very cruel. Oh well, enough of my self pity – how are all of you?? Weegee – 9dpo??? It’s nearly time to test officially!! But how many times have you tested so far?? You can have one of my +HPT’s – I’m actually sick of seeing them positive! I NEVER thought I’d say that! Any other BFP’s that’s I’ve missed whilst AWOL?? Damkat, Katiea, ryders, rylans?? Update me quick!! Anyone else? Wishing you all a Christmas Eve Eve!! LOL!!



    no advice here, lol still got about 8 mos to go before potty training DD, altho i heard its easier to potty traing girls

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