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    urnaa…when you take your daily temps, you put them on a chart to see the trend in how they rise and fall during different parts of your cycle:Photobucket
    this is my last one…it shows when i ovulated on cycle day 11 (marked with the dashed red cross)…we know because of the sharp rise in temperature on day 12



    CD 21 and still no ewcm. These long cycles are killing me!

    Congrats, goingfor3!



    Grrrrr so getting anoyed! The nurse was suppose to be here for ds at 7 and its almost 9 and normally idc if ur late but trueblood is NOT something I wanna watch with my 2 yr old! Dh is out doing a side job and said he will try to be. Home in time but uuuggghhh I let ppl be late all the time and don’t say anything can ppl pls be on time when I want them to be tho!



    losing weight with PCOS drastically improves your chances of falling pregnant



    hi there everybody…congratulations to everybody who has got the BFP and lots ops sticky baby dust!! fingers crossed for all those who are waiting to poas!! Quick update….so period at end of june was 4 days late and only lasted a day. Have had loads of lower back pain, tummy cramps and when i wake up in the morning…a horrible taste in my mouth. This has been going on for a week now. Did a test yesterday, was negative…i dont have an infection or anything. Any ideas??? xxx



    nope coco i didnt


    Liam… (My DS is Liam, too!) – I think I’ve used 9 already this month. *sigh* I keep telling myself I’ll hold off, but then I think… but I have more, and they were cheap, so… Honestly, I’m a little scared to have a second, so I was OK with no pink line this morning, though still a little let down if that makes any sense at all. What a roller coaster this whole process is!



    sounds promising trying!! 🙂


    Yesterday was CD 32 and today I thought would be CD1 as I started to spot …Spotted a tiny bit pink and brown this morning and nothing since 11am … (now being 10pm … what is going on ??? cant have implantion this late can you ???



    chrissi – oh that’s stupid!! lol! Looks like I will be purchasing the intelligender! I wanted to with my son but I ended up having a U/S at 17 weeks and found out. I guess maybe I should get pregnant first though right? lol!



    my DD is an Isabella, she’s 3…didn’t even know about the twilight characters. to this day i’ve never even seen any of the movies. a friend of mine has a Cecilia…love that one and Amelia (i dreamed of this name over and over last night). I used to like Olivia until my DD became a fan of the piggy Olivia books and tv shows….



    diane, i’ve been having m/s since last week (feels like forever, and then it went to afternoon and night and all day. but today they’re completely gone. is that normal?



    Mommy to Abi- kids are sooo funny, they know how to make you laugh at the most inconvenient times!!! At least your DH was able to finish lol!



    im taking mine cd5-9 i think 🙂 i hope it works too!



    mommy to 2 girls…. Welcome to the site! I hope your stay is super short!!

Viewing 15 posts - 109,741 through 109,755 (of 131,346 total)

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