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    Hey ladies dh doesn’t seem to understand my excitement so I thought I would share with someone who does got my +opk today so in 24hrs time or so I should O and yeah trying not to get my hopes up because I have a feeling it will be bfn when I test but had to share definately my oddest cycle yet I am cd 15 and I usually o cd 14 so will be interested to see what comes of this cycle good luck ladies hope to see some bfp soon from you lovely ladies.



    luvtoteach and flmommy, I had cramping from 6 dpo until I got my period, and I had sore breast which I never have, I was tired, My cervix was high up etc….. and I still got BFN, just be cautiously optimistic 😉



    mommymachine I have tried the charting but when I go 7 yrs without AF makes it really hard. Also with all the meds I need to take to try to have a baby makes it hard too. I have to wait much longer between cycles as the meds may take longer to work on me. Charting really only works when you have a reg cycle. My marriage didn’t work because he cheated on me so I left. My new DH is doing all he can and partakes in all of it.



    @kesh I tried looking up cassanovum and all I got was where to buy it. How did you research it? If you don’t mind sharing. Hey twins would be great for me since I’m getting old and we only want two children. I read one siite that says it can increase your chances and with me being old that too increases my odds LOL not sure where them babies will fit I’m only 5ft tall



    law enforcements? like a cop? dbf has been out weds thurs and tonight, I was meant to be working late tonight but have been off sick all week. Just the way things have worked out this week and I just can’t wait to see him! He was meant to be golfing tomorrow morning but has cancelled now as I’m not working this weekend! YAY for swine flu!



    Momfromcanada – for 7 months people have told me the SAME thing(only we don’t have any children yet) and it never did make me feel any better either. Fact of the matter is, is that unless thy can sync up to your emotions they will never know how you are feeling, therefore cannot tell you how to feel. A week ago I had my friend start telling me how she was going to TTC soon and that she ‘knew’ how I felt because she had two month so bfn…I couldn’t believe it. I thought, here u are wih a kid trying to tell me you know how I feel when I have been TTC for 7 months with a lost pregnancy under my belt? I couldn’t believe it. So I know where u are coming from. You are entitled to feel how you are feeling whether u have a child or not. Don’t let anyone try and tell you different. Rant and vent away! That’s why we are here!! And thank you for the congrats…still sticking around here until all is confirmed tho. Don’t wanna get my hopes up!



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    thanks aloha mom! yes im hoping my time here is short as well! ahahaha I do have a questions, i bought a bunch of OPK’s and all of them alwasy show up with 2 lines. like i know im not ovulating that long, just wanted to know if anyone else ever gets that



    BFP Shirls! Congrats!



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    I think this is weird, when I was pregnant with tahlia me and df both use to get bad cramps in our legs, last week we both felt sick for about 4 days we hardy ate and that’s when he said he ‘had my morning sickness’ haha and now for about 2 days were both constintly hungry we can’t stop eating we both wake up and were starving lol I actually feel like im going to throw up now haha



    And congratulations on all the BFP hopefully we all will be joining you in the week by weeks soon!!! 🙂



    Oh no hoping deleted her profile? That makes me really sad 🙁



    Seeq First day of your bleeding is first day of your new cycle. But girl dont dissapointed but the cycles might be very long, or very short, your period all over. Your hormones r all over. Mines hormones drop to less then 50 pretty quick but then it took a while. Nothing is predictible for u right now. BTW I did miscarried Dec 31..thats why i know 🙁



    Anna- im sorry for your lost girl. I wish I could help on some info, but I just have no clue 🙁 hope it all works out for you!

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