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    Anyone else imagining symptoms like me? I’d love to hear what you guys are experiencing.



    yeah friday the 13th and my friend is having her baby! i told her hold off til saturday but she i miserable and she refuses! ha ha. plus she has high blood pressure so they wont let her go any longer.


    aidensmommy31108- I’m feeling the exact same way. CD5 for me and the BD with DH will just now begin tomorrow (sorry tmi the ttc plan is to bd daily until AF hopefully does not show up lol) it feels like forever but we will get there!



    oh amy–among my many months of research and googling(ha ha) i found out that blood tests that they do are just a simple yes or no, and they measure at about 20-25 mlu so the same as pee tests. unless they do the blood test that drs do in the beginning of pregnancy to make sure the levels are doubling. true story 🙂



    7th baby- I haven’t breastfeed in over 3 years lol I wish I could have gotten further but I had issues an she had issues swallowing



    O yea, I am CD10.



    Well, you girls aren’t going to believe me but I got my BFP! I was sooooo sure I wasn’t pregnant because I had taken numerous tests, all were BFN. My cycle is usually short, around 26 days. And this month the last day we BD’d was CD12, I was sure we missed it. Then on CD 24-26 I kept getting BFN’s. I was so depressed. So I was just waiting on stupid AF to come, and I kept waiting and waiting! So on CD30 I was like, my cycle is never this long, I’m just going to take a HPT, knowing it would be snow white as usual! (I wasn’t even getting BFP’s on the opks, I swear my pee wasn’t doing anything to any stick!!!) and there you go, CD 30, two lines!! It still doesn’t feel real! I called my Dr because I wanted to get a blood test but apparently they don’t do blood tests anymore at my Dr’s office, if you have a positive hpt you just have to go directly to your gyno. So it still doesn’t feel real! Good luck everyone! Your turn is next!



    Welcome back and happy belated birthday wannab! Good luck this month – I hope the break did you good!! 🙂



    Ah no I thought for sure TTC was going to post a positive update!!! My husband has been so flirty and touchy today 🙂 so nice, I feel young and in love its awesome! He says he can’t wait for tonight!!! 🙂 ooh lala! At my moms place so will see how it all goes hee hee! Had my grandfather 80th lunch earlier, shame so sweet! I’ll post pix on Monday of him + my little boy.



    Well from cd 11 anyways 😉 im ganna go and get a glass of water right now! Im really ganna ! Im ganna elevate and everything lmao



    Hmmm here are those slightly niggly boobs again. Happens at night time. Also I never temp but I know my normal temp is usually 36.3 or 36.4. Now under my tongue was 36.8 and under my arm 37!! Starting to feel a little hopeful but really don’t want to..



    AF showed up 4 days early, with a vengeance too,lol. Something told me to pass on buying the HPT when I was at the store sunday. I kind of knew I was out for this month anyway. I suspected a cyst or something wrong early in the cycle and never got any signs/symptoms of ovulation. Boooo. Oh well, onto next month:-)



    Pigz- I felt a couple cramps this morning, so I’m thinking I o’d a that time and will count tomorrow as 1dpo. First of the month too, so it’ll be easy to remember 😉 I gotta admit, it’s kinda neat tracking this stuff. Kinda wishin I’d done it sooner with my previous babies. Better luck next month nixa. I was rooting for ya!



    I need your help diane I posted an issue on your page.



    Felisha: lol, don’t rush your life away! Use this time to eat some spicy ethnic foods that you may not be able to tolerate the smells and flavors of once your bfp comes. Spend time enjoying your DH while there is no baby to bf or comfort. Watch a movie together and cuddle. The time will pass. Just think of something to take your focus. Find some recipes and cook something new or an old favorite. Ask DH mom secretly what his favorites were and surprise him by using his mom’s recipe. When unwanted to conceive my first, I read up on pre-pregnancy health and such. I keep forgetting to take my pre-natals! Yikes. I think I get so laid back about ttc that I forget everything, including when to test and which cd I am on. I am too lax. lol

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