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    Hiya ladies CD 4 for me. One more day and AF should be out of my life…hopefully for about 9 months lol. I have been keeping track of my cycle since around July but just started ttc in October. I realized this cycle around my luteal phase was only 9 days. Some say that is too short to concieve so I bought B6 today. I took it with my prenatal and folic acid today and hope it will help. I have cut back significantly on the caffiene but have not given it up completely. I do enjoy my soda but have been drinking more ginger ale instead of my favorite coke! So hopefully something will give! I have also lost 5 pounds and would like to lose 15 more so that maybe it will increase my chances of becoming preggers! Baby dust everyone lets get our BFPS this month!!!



    Congrats luvmykiddos !!!

    I was also on here in 2008 ! My middle daughter was born in October 🙂



    4ttc – hun we have bad days, and we have to feel free to vent here as needed, and sometimes when it does feel like we are not getting an answer, that can add to the frustration – vent away hun. ((big hug back))


    You know what else is weird? I was just reading and apparently OPK’s are more sensitive than HPT’s. Hm, I have one left over from this month. They pick up ~10mIU where as a HPT picks up ~25mIU.



    toomanyyrs_ In my searching about Royal Jelly just now, I came across a site that also mentioned a supplement called MACA? It is ideal for women with PCOS as well, and can raise progesterone levels without actually being a hormone itself. I saw you had asked if anyone knew a way to raise progesterone. It is supposed to improve the quality of eggs and do wonders for hubbys swimmers too,lol .Here is the link to it:


    Very cold, snowy day here in Illinois. Stuck indoors all day with snow, wind and cold temps. Work is closed for tomorrow. Hoping this helps bring that BFP this month! I’ll take a ‘snowpacalypse’ baby ;). I’m sure there will be a baby boom around here come October!



    Congrats Smashley – gd luck to everyone testing – im due my AF visit on friday… fingers crossed!



    Heavy bleeding this morning 🙁 I didnt really think i was pregnant but the hope was still there. I’m going to count from Saturday as cd 1 i suppose when i first started spotting


    Member….are u using OPKs?? they will tell u for sure when u are about to get ur surge, most women get fertile CM for several days before they actually ovulate, it seems to me with a cycle that long, u COULD be ovulatiung later then u think but the best thing to do is try to BD every 2-3 days that way ur bases are covered no matter when u O! good luck!



    Luv- I think all ur anxiety is normal; new baby sitter, new pregnancy. Etc! I don’t blame u. I think when and/or if I get a bfp I too will be very nervous..I almost wanna put myself on bed rest for the first trimester so I don’t mc again. We had some pretty wild sex the day before I mc’d ( no s&m stuff, but def worthy of some pineapples.. 😉 ) so I can’t help but feel like maybe that caused me to mc…who knows, it’s long gone now. But it makes me a lil fear full for the next time..if the next time ever comes *sigh*. ‘Did it’ again last night, still couldn’t truly enjoy it tho. I’m starting to think I’m not enjoying it because I want to ttc and to know that we’re just ‘doing it’ doesn’t really make me wanna ‘do it’…does that make sense??



    I am new to this site. My sister who is due Jan 17th recommended it for me. I have been TTC for over a year now. I get AF once every 4 months – if I’m lucky. I’ve bought some OPK’s but since I don’t have jumping off point of when I ‘should’ be ovulating I don’t know when to take the tests. I’ve tried the BBT as well and it’s all over the place jumping between 0.2 and 5 degrees each day. I’m at a loss. I’m waiting to get my date for the infertility clinic, but it’s an 11 month waiting list, and I would love to not have to go that way. Any suggestions??



    Again we need a like button… Lol



    Lisa- Sounds like symptoms of being in the 2WW ;0) I think we drive ourselves crazy! haha



    Just a suggestion, what is everyones childrens names? Maybe give someone ideas for baby names and do you have any names picked out for your next child? My daughters name is Madilynn Rose 🙂 I love her name, after I had her I always said if I have another girl I’ll name her Evelynn Mae. Unsure of a boy but I like the names Maddox and Cullen.



    Well ladies, I just booked a session of acupuncture! It’s with my sister’s friend, and she is charging me 1/2 price. ($50) I’ll be going on Monday night. She is not a ‘reproductive acupuncturist’ – just does all types, but she has done acupuncture to aid in the fertility process before.

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