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    🙁 on to month 10 of TTC 🙁 ugh when will it happen, it took me 2 months after getting off the pill to get pregnant with my son



    Aw bigtomato ((hug)) that’s rotten – Try not to see it as a fail… the perfect egg and perfect sperm sometimes take so darn long to finally ‘hook up’ it’s frustrating, but we have to believe it’ll happen.



    donna if it says you o today, then its probs best to just bd a bit longer in case you o later than what the ticket tells u. cover all ur bases. good luck, hun! x



    You might be in for another late ovulation Gator, if temps are still low, and you didn’t have the temp rise for three days consecutive… hang in there and just BD like bunnies!



    nurse25– You can take your bbt every morning before getting up. Before ovulation estrogen is dominant. Estrogen is a ‘cool’ hormone. After you ovulate, progesterone takes over and so you will see your temp go up and stay up until af arrives or continue to be high if you fall pregnant . If you put your temp in Fertility friend (just google it–it’s free) it will automatically pinpoint your ovulation and then count your LP length for you..


    diane~Thanks! Lol, I may just have to wake up at two to test, then do it again at 2 am…. Just to cover all my bases… I wonder if I am coming across as a crazy woman? But it has taken so long to get regular cycles and I am so excited, they seem to be holding at around 40 days riight now…



    Katie that is a pain x I am also having pain in my right breast only and I feel very very nauseaus, although I havent actually been sick xx



    Hey ladies, hope you are all well. I will be joining you ladies very soon. I’m so excited. Please read my latest blog, it explains everything in there.



    I have to go to gym and will pick one up on my way home, which will be in around 3.5 hrs. We will know either way by then, I’ll keep you posted!



    star burst you prob had a chemical pregnancy like me lastmonth i had it at 5an a half weeks if you google it it will tell you everything i hope the test was faulty an u are prego



    trying – you are still pretty early testing! I’m due Nov 9th and won’t even start testing til Friday.



    I’m not really sure Sarah, fine diane-taketwo on my page and ask her she is an expert LOL. I have to run ladies let me know if anyone gets a BFP



    ducky – don’t give up hope yet;) I think I’m gonna test tomorrow at 10 DPO so I’ll probably be in the same boat, waiting for AF to be late before testing again. Hang in there!



    At 9 DPO, that could have been implantation spotting Janet – or hubby just gave your cervix a good jolt during the ‘act’! The tests that pick up the earliest seem to be the First Response Early Response (not digital), Wal-Mart Equate, or the Dollar Store tests. Not sure what the reviews are on EPTs! Maybe check on!



    cd2 for me and this is the worst period ive had since the cycle we concieved our last daughter…….its painful so i guess this is the real period after going off my bc because the last one was different and not much of anything…..i hate af…..maybe this will be my cycle this time i will just bd almost everyday and hope we catch the egg thats what we did when we got pregnant last time

Viewing 15 posts - 110,146 through 110,160 (of 131,346 total)

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