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    Helluva, looks like bfp to me 🙂


    You can buy clomid online but i wouldn’t trust it personally



    babydoll i dont have any OPKs either, but i really think its unlikely that im Oing….im only cd 6!!! LOL i think i Od around cd 21-22 last month….i wish i had an opk jst to check…dh isnt welll atm so we wont be bding tonight…………..dont think iv got any cm as im on the kinda brown spotting last day stage of AF……………ordered opks from ebay last night & theyve been dispatched so hopefully they’ll arrive tomorrow 🙂



    Ashley….You should


    Intra-uterine insemination-they inject hubbys sperm directly in my uterus. He has very poor motility.



    trying – thank you! That is EXACTLY what I needed to hear! I’ll be back on Sunday with some results, just have to stay occupied in the meantime 🙂



    Tps~ implantation maybe???


    Do you think its neccessary to BD every day around your ovulation or is every other day good enough?



    ooooh baby7! have u tested yet? u got any ‘signs’



    Hi All, I’ve read through several comments and I feel so naive! I’ve never tried this temperature chart, is there a website anyone would recommend to help get started? Is it easy to do? any help would be great! thanks and baby dust to all!



    srm there will always be a line on an opk, even faint, its because u always have a certain amount of LH in ur system, even wen ur not Oing, but then at O time ul have a surge which causes the test line to go a lot darker & its classed as pos wen its either as dark as or darker than the control line, GL


    holy ovulation…I think for the first time today I felt myself ovulating…god i don tknow. I know I felt crampy…very very light AF cramps and tingly feelings where my right ovary is. What does ovulation pain feel like



    happy Birthday XWEE!!! hope this is a good year for u and a great month of getting PG!!!



    Browneyed – hahaha, I love that you just apologized for the Canadian spelling, I always get mad at spell checks whenever it tells me things like colour or favour or labour are wrong 😀



    CD1- ok so i will be o’ing on new years eve. we have no party to go to this year just an nice quite New years eve at home with dh and a bottle of wine. i will put dd to bed early that night.

Viewing 15 posts - 110,176 through 110,190 (of 131,346 total)

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