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    1 DPO today and now I am on my 2ww We timed it so good this month fx for bfp. I keep telling my self I will not test untill AF is late but i dont know if I can do it.
    @ damnkat- I always bleed after pop test but only the first and maybe 2nd day but 3 days?? Hoping its a good sign..



    this would be the best Christmas present that any one would love



    hey lilpa i tested again this morning at 5 then went back to bed and did it at 6 and then 12, well some i could not even see the line and others they were really faint



    Janet, at what DPO did you take the OPK?



    Megan so sorry to hear that. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a BFP for all of us soon! So one of my best friends baby shower is in 2 weeks and I just looked a her registry and uhhh I want to be a mamma so bad! I can not wait to experience all of this! I am the last of my close girlfriends to have a baby which is fine but I just cant wait! I know this seems petty but I always get depressed when they have aprties and everyone has their baby and they are exchanging stories and I just sit there like a bump on a log. One day one day! Oh and this stupid comment box is messed up again so sorry for anything that is incorrectly spelled lol!



    Congrats Tunny!!!!!!!



    Technically i should be able to test tomorrow with HPT, DH wants to wait to see if AF rears her ugly face first. I get too excited to wait though. Will probably test in secret on friday 😉


    lol… would have been all confused then LC



    I’m still hesitant to believe I have a pos. Only bc that line didn’t show til after the test dried. But af is now 2days late. I have a splitting headache, since last night. I actually went to bed at 930. Bbs still sore as all get out., acid reflux, but no cramping or nausea. I go see the ob today anyway so ill see if he can do bloodwork. What do u all think?


    oucies..good luck! Happy 9 months!



    I can’t believe the nurse said 89 was low for 12 DPO… well, she didn’t know my DPO I don’t think. She should probably find that out before she calls and worries someone. Ugh.



    Coco – if your temps dipped on CD 16, then it sounds more like CD 16 is when you ovulated… did FF pinpoint your O day on CD 18? It may do that if your pre O temps were on the higher side. Even if CD 18 was O day, a 10 day luteal phase is not terrible. It would be ideal to get it to 12 days, but 10 days can land you with a successful pregnancy too 🙂



    np lilpa! 🙂 congrats on the bfp’s!!!! H&H 9months!!! sorry for all the BFN and AF’s…. booo! I am, getting a lot of cramps and sore bb’s… still think i might be out…. Ugh… frustrating!


    browneyedgirl86 – good luck! I hope the IUI helps you get that BFP!!



    congrats Novemberbaby!! Happy and Healthy 9 months to you!! Loon – me personnaly I would wait until 12 DPO… I know alot of ladies have tested at 9 but I see more at 12…. can’t wait to read the news FX to you! supermama – completly normal… good luck to you this month 🙂 dmmarine – I am already anxiously awaiting to see if you get that BFP… 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 110,296 through 110,310 (of 131,346 total)

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