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    morning ladies, how is everyone? any more bfp?? im having NO symptoms but im not expecting much this cycle. but i am still holding out a little hope lol. i didnt have any symptoms with dd and never ended up with morning sickness either so i guess it could go either way…



    brandiaaron, thanks! It’s nice to know I’m not alone 🙂 I actually had cramping all day and then had a normal bm in the evening, so I’m thinking (hoping) it is uterine cramping. This was the big sign when I got preg with dd. I was getting so much cramping that I was 100% sure AF was coming. But once I was late I realized I’d had the cramping for 3-4 days (and beyond of course!) so I’m really hoping it’s the same this time!


    Make sure to let us know what the test shows!! I know we are all hoping you get the BFP!!



    mya, i never got a positive until i was 5-6 weeks pregnant. I had nausea and morning sickness but got BFN. Now I tested today and AF is due in 2 days and of course it was a BFN. I was just excited and wanted to test. I shouldn’t have wasted a test lol I have to wait til at least next weekend if AF doesn’t show her ugly face!


    diane-taketwo – I must have missed her when she popped in!! I am just used to seeing her posts!! LOL



    mommytoonebeauty – Ekkk I hope she stays far far away and you get your BFP tomorrow!! Keep us posted!! 🙂


    diane…how much hcg does an answer brand test detect?



    Rachele when I took out my IUD I got my removal period but my next one wasn’t until 39 days later :-/



    see ya diane – enjoy your dinner



    krissieh-maybe it was implantation bleeding and not your period?


    hahah oooooo.. nice, so Guam is where you were stationed?. Mr mommy lol funny


    Hi ladies, just wanted to let you all know there is a defective batch of Wondfo Pregnancy Tests out there Lot # W0110632-3 Exp: 06/2013

    I had 50 from this batch and this is the email address for the manager at Wondo who I contacted: [email protected]




    I AM….



    Hi ladies.. So I believe I’m about 9dpo tomorrow and I’m having the same symptoms I had when I was pregnant last month starting with the (tmi) darker nipples. That was the most prominent change in my body when I was pregnant with ds too so I’m hopeful 🙂 no testing for me though till later next week as close to Thursday (expected Af) as possible. I’m so scared of getting my hopes up and having another early miscarriage. Good luck to all you ladies testing soon!!! I hope we get lots more BFPs before Christmas!



    I have learned never, EVER to ask a woman ‘So, when do you plan on having kids?’ because you never know – she might be on her third round of IVF with no success. TTC really does teach a lesson in sensitivity…and tests your patience.

Viewing 15 posts - 110,311 through 110,325 (of 131,346 total)

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