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    Wow, took me a while to catch up on the last few days. DS home from daycare as he’s sick and haven’t been able to get my daily fix. Dmmarine – I laugh when you’re asking damnkat for advice – I think of her as the Oracle of this site lol. Has very good advice and knowledge. Katmoma – feeling like you’re getting the period from hell when you’re pregnant is normal. I can remember saying to my friend I couldn’t be pregnant because I’m getting period pains from hell. She told me that’s a sign if you’re pregnant – tested the next morning and yes, two lines. So they will pass. I tried Sat, Sun and Monday and today my OPK line was almost non exsistant. So fingers crossed we got it right and I get to test Xmas morning – scary timing or what.



    alison – You may have a short LP. Do you use progesterone cream or anything?



    Congrats girls to those early faint lines!! Bustin- its definitely time for you. dmmarine – I’ve been reading your posts for a while and you so deserve it! For the first time ever, I’m anxiously waiting for my period to start. I know, huh, anxious! lol. I had my copper IUD removed and I’ve been taking my supplements for a month now so I ready to start REALLY trying. I’m on CD29 and this is the first time I’ve actually counted my cycle days so not even totally sure what day I should start.



    Yolie, sounds like your bases are covered just in case!! OPKs can be tricky, they don’t always indicate the surge when it is happening – so BD anyways 😉 Have fun – good luck!



    Hi ladies, just wandering if someone can help me out. I have just started tracking my ovulation and have had a positive reading since about Thursday last week and is still positive today. Do you normally get a positive for that long?



    Is it for sure AF tahlias? It’s heave enough to need a pad?


    Brandyleigh-. I use clomid 2-6. And I’m on CD13 now and havnt O yet, I don’t think its 5 days after u take last pill coz that wouldn’t give ur body enough time to produce a gd size follicle, yday on CD 12 my follicle was 14mm so today should be about 16mm. And xmas eve I should O, so that’s 8 days after my last Clomid pill.



    lol cd 28 when I SHOULD have been starting af.



    Donna- where did you buy yours from…



    morning, you girls have been busy!!!






    ducky i am taking pregnacare xxx



    Where’s frizzy I keep checking for an update from her and she hasn’t been back yet. Hopefully she is out celebrating a bfp!!! Babydust to everyone in the tww!!!!


    Yeah feeling really good 🙂



    agummy – EKKKKKK so exciting…I hope it gets darker for you! Thats what happened with me…at first glance it was a neg and then each day it progressively got darker!! FX for you! Supermama – YAY to AF so you can start fresh but I heard you are not suppose to count CD1 until your first day of real flow!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 110,326 through 110,340 (of 131,346 total)

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