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    yep I did – it is on my chart…I got the +ve in the afternoon and I felt myself ovulate around 10:30 – 11pm that night



    UGH!!! I think I may have missed my window this month! I feel as though I was ovulating yesterday due to the CM and a slightly elevated temp (I always have a higher temp when ovulating) But my husband was out helping a buddy move last night. The plan was to do the babydance upon his arrival but somehow I ended up falling asleep on the couch while waiting. *woke up to a note saying he made it home around 10:30pm and i was sound asleep, he didnt have the heart to wake me** Why o why did I chose last night to fall asleep early??!! It coulda been our chance. UGH I wonder if we were to babydance tonight if it would be to late or could it still work??



    AF is due on Saturday…I’m SOOOO inpatient when it comes to this stuff lol



    Fairbanks – hip pain is usually caused by the hormone ‘relaxin’ released after ovulaiton. We release it in case we are pregnant – to prepare the uterus and ligaments to stretch for pregnancy. We produce it each month, pregnant or not, but if the egg implants, the production of that hormone increases – so if you are feeling more pain than normal, it might be an early pregnancy indicator – I sure hope so!! It may also be the follicle leftover from ovulation being a little large and causing some pain – is it just on one side?



    Anybody get O pain on both sides?? I feel bloated all over but my left side will hurt a little and a few minutes later the right side hurts…?? Been doing it the last couple days. Weird.



    Diane-Taketwo I just been to your website and its great! It thought me a lot. Thank You!



    I have PCOS. It was much worse before I had kids. Since my second pregnancy, my cycles have been around 35-38 days. There are lots of herbs that you can take for PCOS. But if the doc gives you provera (or something like that) to start for your period it should sort of reset your system and/or you could try clomid. Soy isoflavones are supposedly a natural version of clomid. Do a little googling! There is a wealth of information our there! Hope you are pregnant very soon!



    hi all ttc ladies id love to chat to you all so please add me



    cd2 waiting on my soy iso and progesterone cream in the mail. hoping it gets here tomorrow like its supposed to so i can do soy iso cd 37 if not 4 8. come on soy!



    Well I managed to get in to see a nurse first thing this morning and the result is… POSITIVE!!! I’m pregnant again!!! I thought my due date would be July 6th, but she said July 3rd, so it’s somewhere around there. I’m really excited! I’ve been wanting another baby for so long I can hardly beleive it’s actually happening. ( :



    BabyKnight – And I thought *I* got a good deal!! Lol I would much appreciate that link cause, well…u never know!! I’m not banking on a +HPT this month(not to be confused with hoping, cause I hope I do!)…it’ll be our 5th month of trying and I’m getting so discouraged. To all you ladies who have been trying longer…even years, I pray for a +HPT test for you. I couldn’t imagine 🙁 I’m just trying not to look at every physical feeling as a possibility anymore…its too stressful! So from this cycle forward…I’ll track my O, but that’s IT! Expecting AF from here on out, no matter what we do and how hard we try to time it.



    CP isn’t really a very good indicator as it changes a lot. I would have a high cp during af sometimes low sometimes not its just not a very good indicator. Temps are more helpful! :0)



    Alivia that is TOTALLY a positive!!!! Congrats!!!!!! Go get a digital to put your mind at ease but that’s a faint BFP for sure! It’s way darker that I expected it to be with how you were explaining! Haha! Yay!!!



    I’m doing 150mg of Clomid and HCG injection this month and most likely progesterone supplements from o until af (or bfp!)…



    allie- I would definitely do a digital test to be sure it’s not an evaporation line – I have had terrible evaporation lines with those tests! I hope it is a BFP for you though!

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