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    I know this is bad, but I do not know for sure… I’m pretty regular and it’s always around the same time… 28-30 days?



    Ladies: A storm is going on here in NY. So I am going to the bank and going home from work!!!!
    Thank you all for the wonderful welcome. Have a great weekend. Maybe I can get some recipes for cookies on Monday if you guys dont mind!!!
    Wish me luck this weekend works!!!


    Woo-hooo!!! I’m 1 DPO today 🙂 Test day in 12 days!!!!



    good afternoon ladies, I am stuck at work until 5pm. and I want to go now. (it is 1:35) And time is going by so slloowwww. I didn’t even get to go to bed until 3am this morning because I had so much to do last night. Also my bosses wife is pregnant and she is due in Jan. and apparently she had to go to the hospital because her blood pressure is way to high. I feel so bad for her.



    Congrats babygal! And yay brie! Back on track – BD BD BD!!



    seriously. am i the only one who has this awesome mental pic of all of us, sitting under a huge tree toasting marshmellows & this little tinkerbell flying around dusting us with baby dust?! i know that sounds really childish but i cant help the mental pic i get. love u girls!!!



    Thank you………so I could probably do a test next Friday? I am also very anxious………good luck to everyone!!!!!11



    Stacie ~ I never got it either! but I am now 5wks :o) So its possible. We Bd two days on, two days off, then two days on again. I would say you are in the 2ww :o) Good Luck xx

    Obs ~ Thinking of you sweetie, and you are very welcome :o)

    JoyceD ~ Not as far as I am aware, I know there has been problems with the site over the last few weeks, but I think they are sorted out. Try and contact Dirk he may know.



    Ok this will be my first month testing in a really long time. Taking a poll here: How many days past ovulation does everyone else test? Or if you don’t know when you ovulate, how many days before your expected period do you test? I’m dying to test but I don’t want to waste a test either.



    Hi ladies…well, I finally got my BFP yesterday after about 9 months of trying. YIPPIE – I hope it’s sticky! So, question for any of you ladies….I have taken probably 10 tests so far….all different one’s. I found my FMU from this morning caused a lighter line than yesterday afternoon. Do you think it means anything???



    refinnejlee—— yes I have always taken with food. IF I am taking them, I am TRYING to eat well too. Generally. Cereal and a banana. Today i took it after a big breakfast ( we went out to eat) but I took a nap too. no probs.. just curious. I always feel better when I take a vitamin generally over timeBUT want to avoid the pukey feeling. …I hate that … we will see



    good evening all, hope you all had a good day x is it me or do they days seem to go soooooo slowly when your counting cycle days. Im CD 8 such a long way to go yet!!!!!!!!



    Yay! AF finally showed up on CD 32!!!! DH said I used him last night (BD’d) to get AF to show. LOL!
    Can’t be happier to see AF. Now I can start charting and temping!! *hurray*



    obscurette- I’m glad to see you’re around, I was going to ‘introduce’ iemommie to you since you have both been through a similar situation.

    iemommie -I’m sorry to hear about your loss. May your stay in the TTC forum be a short journey.



    Dawn, looks like you ovulated late – I would give it a week and if no AF, go for blood work. Hang in there hun – longer than expected cycles are frustrating, but often pay off in the end!

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