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    is everyone gone to bed?



    So i see we have another BFP! Congrats Jamie woohoo!!! Don’t worry we ladies are right behind you!

    Well my af visted me yesterday 🙁 but its all good my spirits are going up…

    hubbie and I decided to follow the Sperm Meet Egg’ to the T considering being on clomid i could ovulate kinda late and not even know it.

    We are now thinking of being extra creative and this time not get booked on the beach…lol thank god it wasn’t the police…..



    then id suggest either waiting a week or wait a couple of days and getting a blood test.
    fingers crossed for you.


    Hey all! Just dropping in to say hi and to say don’t go by the dollar store tests for anything! My Hcg numbers are rising quickly and I’m still getting faint faint lines on the dollar store tests! They really aren’t very sensitive! Baby dust to all!



    Pheonix…..Keep us updated! I hope everything is ok



    and Barbie, as Dollface says, until AF shows, there is indeed hope. No matter what way it goes, the gang here will cheer you on =)


    isnt that crazy boyoboy how are dreams tell us something the 3 weeks ago I I had a dream that I was pg and that i need to start taken other Vitamins and now I am it is crazy our intuitive we can be



    heya all im having my mirena coil removed next week as I want to start trying for my second child.. does anyone no roughly how long it could take for me to conceive? I reallly want another baby soon x



    Sorry I missed ya Dawn.. Enjoy your movie!



    fingers crossed i dont get af and all theses symptoms are from hormones not af
    i guess wishful thinking does any one know much about cervix positioning at diff times in cycle ???????



    Good luck TashaS!


    DIANE-my ‘cycle’ indicated yesterday the 30th as my day 14-but Im positive I ov d on friday, I had copious amounts of ewcm… not sure where I am but I know Im cd 16…….so not gonna test regardless til the 10th which will be cd 26……got a + with the twins at cd 20-that was the earliest ive ever heard of……



    His motto is that it will happen when its time, but i’m not as patient as he is.



    2bBlessedw2 – Same here. I am 7dpo and feeling the same thing….sigh…I had the slightest tinge of brown cm too this am.



    This is to anyone who already has children. Did it take you as long to get pregnant the second time round? It took me 8 months first time and wondered if it would take me as long next time. I have a 7 week old baby and would like to have another so that they are about 18 months apart. If it’s going to take 8 months again then there is no point going back on the pill.

Viewing 15 posts - 110,581 through 110,595 (of 131,346 total)

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